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The Modern Day Workshop Panel Discussion
Original photo by Giselle Littleton

The Modern Day Wife’s “Think Outside the Box” Workshop Raised The Bar For Goal-Setting And Goal-Getting

The Modern Day Wife is best known as a collective dedicated to helping women thrive in all aspects of their lives, from the workplace to the home. With life slowing down due to quarantine, The Modern Day Wife and founders Meagan Ayres and Meghan Fialkoff held an inspiring virtual workshop for setting and staying on top of your goals on September 24.

Think Outside The Box Agenda
The Modern Day Wife

The workshop started out with a music session, courtesy of DJ Complex Lex, who mixed the ultimate girl power tunes and lifted attendees’ spirits. This was followed by a Wine 101 session with well known wine aficionado Samantha Sommelier and a delicious cocktail making tutorial.

The Modern Day Workshop Panel Discussion
Original photo by Giselle Littleton

Next up was a chat with Carinne Chambers-Saini, CEO and co-founder of DivaCup, who told an inspirational story of how she got where she is today. She talked about how her mother served as the ultimate inspiration for her product, as she recalled her mom always looking for a more comfortable solution to menstrual products. Her relationship with her mother was sweet, as they “ fueled each other’s passion and energy.” Carinne also brought up making strides in a surprisingly male-dominated industry and encouraged listeners to “be unstoppable” in whatever goals they plan to achieve. 

This talk was followed by a makeup tutorial session by celebrity makeup artist and founder of XXV Beauty, Jasmine Dernehl, who discussed contour tips and tricks for the woman on the go. 

One of the most memorable events of the evening was a panel with actress Daphne Wayans, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, HGTV Host Sangita Patel and Andrea Mundie, co-founder of skoah. These phenomenal speakers discussed setting and achieving your goals, with Sangita Patel advising listeners to “go one day at a time” and “be open to ideas.” Andrea Mundie talked about the importance of finding someone to hold you accountable for whatever goals you plan to achieve. What stood out in this panel was the honesty and openness of its speakers. Each and every single one of these power women admitted to struggling through quarantine and having flaws of their own. They left audience members with the lasting impression that successful women don’t have to be perfect and put together all of the time. Successful women, instead, are real people that each of us could relate to and look up to. 

The Modern Day Wife Workshop Discussion Panel
Original photo by Giselle Littleton

The workshop came to a close with a fashion segment on virtual meeting style tips with fashion expert and closet coach, Susie Wall. She advised on dressing up from head to toe during virtual meetings and talked about her love for mixing different styles. Susie closed her session with the most important fashion advice of the year: the biggest trend right now is to wear your mask. Lastly, viewers got some tips from LA Style Magazine on how to build industry relationships, which were crucial to the realm of networking. 

The Modern Day Wife’s recent workshop provided much-needed conversations every woman needs to hear as they look towards achieving their dreams. The workshop served as the perfect virtual platform for women to get together, learn from each other and ultimately inspire one another! 

Giselle is a second-year Communications major at UCLA. She is the assistant director of the PR and External Events committee in her chapter. In her free time, you can find her meditating or spending too much money on her infinite skincare routine.
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