Dolphin Yoga Review From The Girl Who Has Tried Every Yoga Trend

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While I do not identify as a yogi, I love to try the newest and trendiest forms of yoga. I have done goat yoga before and am always looking for other creative yoga classes to participate in.

As a trendy yoga enthusiast, I was extremely excited when I found out The Mirage in Las Vegas has been offering Dolphin Yoga classes for the past 5 years. The class is only $50 (which is super affordable on a college budget) and includes access to the spa and a smoothie after your workout.

The Segfried & Roy Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage is home to 10 bottlenose dolphins (5 females and 5 males) ranging in age from 5 months old to 42 years old. According to the Spa Director Nicole Barnes, Duchess, Lightning, Huf-N-Puf, Maverick, Sofi, Osborne, Bella, K2, MiraMar and Coco "are often very interested in what is going on in the class." She continued by mentioning that the dolphins will usually hang out by the glass and are extra friendly in the mornings.

Upon arrival, guests are taken to an intimate underground aquarium. The circular room, surrounded with glass walls, gives the 8 yoga students a perfect view of the 10 beautiful dolphins swimming around as they follow their instructor through some basic yoga stretches and poses. 

While the yoga was at a beginner level and very easy for all to follow along, most people would take breaks to just watch the peaceful dolphins. Nothing is more mesmerizing than being able to see the dolphins up close in this relaxing setting.

The best part is that the yoga instructor cut out time for a photo break and helped everyone get the perfect Instagram with the dolphins. 

After the class, we were all escorted to the spa where we were able to take advantage of the 4 different jacuzzis, dry saunas, steam room, relaxation lounge, and gym in order to maximize our day of relaxation.

I am so glad I was able to try out Dolphin Yoga. I think it was a great way to relax during my trip in Vegas and highly recommend it for any stressed out college students.