I Did Goat Yoga & It Was Amazing

Goat Yoga is the newest and trendiest way to stay fit these days. What could be better than baby goats AND yoga? This viral new class has spread to farms/yoga studios all over the United States. 

Goat Yoga is basically yoga but in a room with baby goats, which just so happen to jump on your back. After watching multiple videos of this viral sensation online, I knew I had to try it for myself!

While I was beyond excited to play with the baby goats, I was also scared and nervous. Would it hurt? How do the goats know to jump on your back? What happens if the goats have to pee? But once I got to the farm and saw the little goats, I knew it was going to be a good day.

After setting up my mat, I grabbed some carrots and goat food and started playing with the goats. 

During the yoga class, the goats walked around the grassy area and took turns jumping on everyone's backs. 

Not sure how I'm still holding up, but I managed to have TWO goats on my back. The two baby goats, Spanky and Pippin, were so sweet and loving. Spanky jumped on my back first and then Pippin saw and jumped up as well.

Everytime the goats jumped on me or my friends, one of us would pull out a phone to capture the precious moment. There even came a time when one of the goats attempted to eat my friend's hair.

The goats are not that heavy and it does not hurt when they jump on your back. It actually feels really good. 

Also, there are usually people watching the goats to make sure that everything is safe and clean, so no need to worry about anything! Just enjoy the goats and relax.

Overall, I highly recommend doing Goat Yoga. It was a fun and relaxing experience. The goats serve as therapy pets and help you relax and smile. Also, doing yoga outdoors was very peaceful and really added to the experience and atmosphere.

Photos Courtesy of Sara Zaghi