Do You Even Lift?

Don't be afraid to use the weight room at the gym. So many girls worry because it's a male-dominated space but that shouldn't deter you! There are so many benefits to lifting weights even just two times a week. No one is saying you have to get "swole" or lift weights every hour of every day - unless you want to; you do you. To encourage you to take trade the cardio room for the weight room here are some cool facts about weight lifting:


1.    Long Live You!

People who lift weights live longer on average. A study at UCLA shows that the more muscle mass people have, the longer they live.

2.    Because I’m Happy

We’ve all heard about how cardio releases endorphins, right? Same thing with weights.

3.    Feel the Burn

You’re body adjusts as you lift weights to burn more calories.

4.    You “Heart” It  

While cardio is good, the American Heart Association recommends lifting weights twice a week in helping you lower your blood pressure.

And if you read that you felt inspired, but then thought "oh geez I don't know how to use those machines" then never fear! We all have at least one friend who does weight training. Don’t be shy: ask them! (Or you can always just watch other people and learn from them.)