6 Tips To Help You Land Your Dream Off-Campus Apartment

We are slowly but surely approaching the midpoint of our academic year. For many rising juniors and seniors, that means it is almost time to move out of our dorms and enter the perilous world of off-campus housing. The task of finding your dream apartment can be very stressful and time consuming, and taking the first step can be difficult. For many people, this will be the first time they live alone without the guidance of their parents or the confines of their dorms. Though living independently can be daunting, it offers a plethora of new opportunities and beginnings that will lead to lifelong memories. Here are six tips and tricks to help you land your dream off-campus apartment:

  1. 1. It's all about location, location, location!

    Whether you walk, bike, scooter or run to your classes, location is crucial when looking for your new home. Caculate the time and distance it takes to get from your apartment to the campus or the nearest grocery store, as it will save you some much-needed time and energy. Trust me, your legs will thank you later!

  2. 2. And they were roommates! 

    Roomies can either be your lifelong friends or your worst nightmare, so choose wisely! Whether it be your former roommates, friends from clubs or old high school friends, it is important to find like-minded individuals to spend your next academic year with. Some things to keep in mind while you scout for your potential roomies include sleep schedules, study habits and shared hobbies. 

  3. 3. It's ALL about the price tag.

    There is nothing more pressing for a college student than money. Though searching for apartments can be daunting, your choices can be narrowed down by creating a price range that is suited for you and your roommates. Start your apartment hunt early and compare each price point before you make your decision. Remember, be realistic with your choices and ball on a budget with your new home!

  4. 4. Make sure your new apartment is furnished with the basics

    It is important that your new apartment comes furnished with the basics such as bed frames, couches, desks and refrigerators. Furnishing all of these amedities on your own can prove to be very costly, especially if you only plan on renting the space only for the school year. Remember you can always chic up a space to your own liking!

  5. 5. Bathroom, restroom, washroom!

    Standing showers. Spacious bathtub. Bathrooms can make or break your apartment, and a dirty, cramped bathroom can potentially make your life miserable. Look for apartments with bathrooms that you and your roommates can feel comfortable in. Whether or not having more than one bathroom in your apartment is a priority for you, it is important to have a conversation about morning routines, skincare habits and other bath engaging activites.

  6. 6. Finding that "x-factor"

    The truth of the matter is that finding an apartment that checks all of your boxes will ultimately be very dificult. Whether or not where you live next year lives up to all of your standards, finding a place that ticks at least one thing off your list will make your living space much more livable and lovable.

Despite all of your worries about where and who you will be living with next year, always remember that home is where the heart is. Fill your new apartment with the people and things you love and create your dream space!