5 Ways To Survive Winter Quarter

My first winter quarter at UCLA was brutal, but I have learned from the mistakes I made and the stress I endured. Trying to keep yourself together through the tough times can be challenging, but keep powering through! Here are 5 tips to ensure you will win winter quarter:

1) Warm Clothing!

I cannot stress this enough but having a wardrobe that will keep you nice and cozy is essential. Get those warm sweaters, scarves and coats. Don't forget rain proof jackets! And carry an umbrella with you always because being wet and cold isn’t the best way to start or end a day.

2) Do Not Take On More Than You Can Handle.

It is winter, it’s cold and honestly not a very productive time for many people. If you’re the type of person who hibernates, I would suggest not piling too many things on your plate. Taking only 3 classes isn’t going to kill you, and dropping a club isn’t going to look bad for you. Your mental health comes first.


3) Self-Care.

This goes without saying, but taking care of yourself is a huge priority. Treat your skin to face masks, and drink lots of water. Cut out or reduce sugar and fat intake, and try to hit the gym at least once a week. Taking care of your body despite the yearnings to stay cuddled up in layers is gonna be worth it, especially once spring and summer arrive.

4) Watch Netflix When Necessary.

While staying on top of classes and clubs is important, taking some time for you to relax while you catch up with a show is essential. My favorites for winding down are One Day At A Time and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

5) Stay Connected.

Keep in touch with friends and family however far away they may be. Life can be hectic, and its important to have your support systems by your side. Catching up is a great way to not feel isolated or alone as well!