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5 Ways To Practice Self-Care After A Rough Election Week

There’s no question that the 2020 presidential election cycle has been historic, not only due to the nature of the pandemic we are currently in, but also because of the significance of the candidates that have been nominated for election. After four long years under President Trump’s administration, the American people have decided in a very close and tumultuous race that Joe Biden will be our new president-elect.

For both Democrats and Republicans, the journey to the victory of Joe Biden has been long, stressful and anxiety-inducing. The process of counting millions of mail-in ballots and keeping up with 72 hours of news coverage was left millions of Americans screaming at their TVs and phoning friends about their election predictions. Whether you’re celebrating with family and friends or wondering what a Biden presidency will look like, take the time to take care of your self, body and soul. 

Take a relaxing soak

Now that we have a winner, you can finally melt away the stress and anxiety of waiting for the results. Take this time to reflect on the past few days and think about the future!

Take care of your skin

Whenever I get stressed out, so does my skin. Now that election stressors have been, for the most part, eliminated, break out your favorite face masks and other skincare goodies to take care of your skin!

Have a snack fest with close friends 

Talking and hanging out with friends while eating various snacks can be great therapy. If you can safely, you may be able to meet with a few close friends or even have a Zoom social session!

Spend a day binging cringy shows

Forget about the TV shows and movies that require you to think about the plot and character development! Take this time to watch various romantic comedies and other “cringe binge” movies to your hearts content. You don’t need something that will make your brain hurt; you need something that hits basic pleasure centers!

Spend time enjoying the outdoors

Going outside and getting fresh air can be a great way to let go the anxieties and funk this election week has brought upon the nation. Grab a friend, family member or even your dog dog and go on a long scenic hike.

The last four years have been rough. As we usher in the next four years of the American era, let’s let go of the trauma of the past and look together towards the future.

Esther Kang is an English major at UCLA who hopes to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. In her free time, she loves to spend the day inside watching Netflix, spending time with friends and exploring the Los Angeles area.
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