5 Mantras To Help You Channel Your Inner Beyoncé This Quarter

It’s that time of the quarter in which proclamations of “self-care” and “treating yourself” begin to wane and are instead replaced by frantic study sessions for upcoming midterms. These study sessions can take a huge toll on our mental health. In order to combat such unwanted feelings, we have looked to Queen Bey's music for mantra inspiration! “Mantras,” meaning “tools of thought” serve as sacred affirmations that take the form of a repeated sound, vibration or an “I am” statement. Mantras exemplify the idea that sound serves as a spiritual experience that focuses the intentions we wish to cultivate for ourselves. Beyoncé’s music exists as an example of sound, empowering and inciting confidence in all women. Here are 5 Beyoncé song-inspired mantras to help you combat stress and anxiety this quarter: 


Inspired by “If I Were a Boy,” this mantra confronts the double standards that are prevalent in today’s society. Girls are often held to a higher standard on topics, such as their appearance, sexual relations and intelligence. As girls, we are put in a unique position to both understand and honor the struggles of other women. We must always support one another—whether through confronting false accusations, complimenting women on their “intelligence” and “bravery” rather than on their appearance or simply sticking up for ourselves


Inspired by “Run the World (Girls),” this mantra reminds us that we are capable of success in any endeavor we choose to pursue. We are all constantly growing in knowledge, joy and bravery. Growing into the women we aim to be takes time, along with lots of trial and error. At times in which our self-confidence may be lacking, we can seek out inspiring role models. Some examples of amazing women include: Michelle Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sheryl Sandburg and Sally Ride. 


Inspired by “Flawless,” this mantra urges us to never shrink into ourselves. Be confident in your ability to contribute to the conversation. Own your unique beauty and personality! Just because you do not meet society’s arbitrary beauty standards does not mean you lack value or are unworthy of love. Focus on expanding your love for yourself rather than comparing yourself to others. Real confidence means taking risks, smiling at compliments and accepting responsibility.


Inspired by “Me, Myself, and I,” this mantra reveals that being your “own best friend” is THE smartest move you can ever make. You owe it to yourself to put yourself in the best situations. Maintaining ties with toxic friends or romantic partners only hurts and holds you back from living your best possible life. If you are confused or simply overwhelmed, set aside time to be alone and truly understand your own feelings. This doesn’t have to be anything exquisite! Listening to a podcast or taking a nap helps provide a much-needed mental cleanse.  


Inspired by “Pretty Hurts,” this mantra confronts the concept of “happiness.” Within society, the sole narrative and means of attaining happiness is presented as seeking the validation of others. Beyoncé claims that the “disease of the nation” is our strict standards of beauty that has turned into a gruesome industry of self-hate. We need to embrace ourselves even through difficult times. Happiness cannot be dependent on our external looks, but it should come from a sense of inner peace that brings a new perspective—explore your values, desires and style!

Repeat these mantras to yourself frequently, or hang them on your wall to remember that you are a BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING GIRL WHO WILL CONQUER THE WORLD!