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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Cloudy and rainy days are the best days. As I write this, I can hear the rainfall from my window; it calms me from long days of piling work and stress. It is somehow already programmed in me that rainy days are self-care days. Maybe it is because I have this daydream of sitting at a coffee shop by myself watching people walk by while sipping a latte: the rain hitting the wide glass window as I watch raindrops competitively race down from the top. Those cozy and relaxing vibes are awakened when I see the dark blue clouds coming our way.  I want to share four activities you can do for your self-care routine on those nice rainy days:

Sit outside and finish the book you left half-read

I can see the book you have in your dresser or on your bookshelf that you’ve been putting off reading… you can’t hide it from me! I’m guilty of this myself, as it is due to my inability to finish something out of the sadness of it ending. But there is something about going outside on your porch, sitting in a comfy chair and focusing on your reading, surrounded by the earthy rain scent and the fresh breeze blowing. It is a personal ASMR experience with no ads nor interruptions; you are guaranteed to finish and wonder how the time flew by. 

Drive around your neighborhood listening to your favorite music on blast. 

There is only one thing that pops into my mind when I see the sky become cloudy: Twilight. As a fan of the saga, I have this urge to want to drive and blast the soundtracks (Twilight and New Moon Soundtracks to be exact), pretending I’m driving in the small town of Forks, Washington.  We’ve all heard the meme that talks about the people who play music in their headphones, look out the window and pretend to be in a movie; we all know it’s every one of us! So, go out for a drive, and be the main character in your story.

Cook your favorite food.

Put on your favorite Spotify playlist, light some candles and get cooking! Whether you are craving sweet or savory, take some time from studying and relax while making food that makes you happy. Nothing says self-care more than making yourself your favorite dish and savoring it with the pitter-patter of raindrops by your window. 

Make your favorite coffee drink or tea and watch the rain.

Brew yourself a cup of coffee (or try my favorite coffee drink!), open up your window, and watch the rainfall in your front or back porch. This is one of my favorite things to do since all the coffee shops around me are only open for delivery. It is the idyllic time to ponder and reflect on what you are grateful for. A roof above your head, a comfy bed,  friends and family and your health. Something as simple as that can be a healing self-care activity.

The rain continues pouring, my eight-hour jazz playlist on YouTube is at the four-hour mark and I still feel at peace.  I hope that when you see nimbus or cumulus clouds coming from afar, you choose to make this day or week yours. You deserve love and attention for all that you have been going through and are working on. May rainy days be thought of as gloomy, but also as your happy self-care days.

Marvin is a Junior majoring in Korean and (hopefully) minoring in Comparative Literature. Her dream of living in LA has become a reality, even if she lives the UCLA experience through Zoom.
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