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3 Easy Exercises to Build and Tone Your Booty

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

If you have not already gotten the memo, booty is in! Fitness babe Jen Selter has over 10 million followers on Instagram because people love to see shots of her amazing bottom on their newsfeeds–and it is completely real (sorry Blac Chyna). Here are 3 easy exercises to build and tone your booty.

1.) Leg Kicks

  1. Get on all fours

  2. Kick your right leg straight out and bring it back to your left knee 10 times

  3. Repeat with left leg

2.) Sitting Wall Squat

  1. Grab a medicine ball

  2. Sit against the wall as if you were sitting in a chair at a 90 degree angle

  3. Hold for one minute 3 times 

3.) Lunges

  1. Grab a medicine ball

  2. Kneel with one foot forward while holding the medicine ball

  3. Jump up to a lunge with the same foot forward

  4. Return to kneeling position with your other foot forward

  5. Jump to a lunge again with that foot forward this time

  6. Repeat quickly 10 times

Hannah Wren is an English major and Digital Humanities minor on the Dean's Honors List for outstanding academic performance at UCLA. Hannah loves to write and has ample writing experience outside of school. Currently, she works at 7 Generation Games where she creates content for their website to engage and inspire their users. When she is not writing or working, she enjoys spending time with her family, bonding with friends and reading. After she graduates college, Hannah hopes to become a UX designer, entertainment journalist and publish a novel.
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