10 Tips To Getting Your Skin & Body Ready For Spring

Everyone surely enjoyed the winter season this year, but now with the holidays gone and the new year in full swing, it is time to prepare and look forward to the seasons to come. Spring is the season to start a new! Here are a few tips to prepare you for the warmer seasons and get your skin and body to feel and look amazing!

1. Take shaving to a new level with baby oil

Since you have been moisturizing all winter your skin is hydrated and ready to be free. The only thing in the way is the hair you let grow out on your legs/body. We all get lazy when all you do is wear pants everyday so now it is time to free your skin. Apply baby oil to your hair legs before you apply shaving cream. This softens the course hair and hydrates your legs (or whatever else) while you are removing that protective layer.

2. Re-introduce color to your skin

Everyone is at their least tan in the winter and summer is just around the corner. Temperatures are rising so people begin to show more skin. No one wants to expose their pale coloring so here are a few tricks to make it seem like you tanned all winter. The main one is to find a good self tanner. Not all are great, but find one that works for you and gives you a color that is noticeably better. Do this once a week or before a hot day and no one will ever know just how pale you got.

3. Bring back the sunscreen

People will tell you all the time that the sun ages you. Rarely do you actually see sunscreen in people's daily routines. There are cosmetic brands that make sunscreen specifically for daily use that does not smell or look like the sunscreen your mom made you wear at the pool. With more skin exposure you must bring in more protection.

4. Learn about essential oils

Essential oils are more popular now than ever before. Each one has different positive applications to things people do or look for everyday. For example, if you have a sensitive stomach, there is an oil for that. Therefore for your skin, there are essential oil formulas that provide greater benefits than some skin products. Find a good mixture for your skin type (face or body) and begin to apply it daily or weekly. You are sure to see changes in how your skin looks and feels.

5. Be Natural

There are women who love wearing no makeup. And in the warm seasons you are much less likely to opt for a full face and go for something more natural. It can be good for your skin and your confidence to step away from the make up, especially if you are going through all this trouble to keep it nice and healthy. Just remember the sunscreen. Show it off, girl!  

6. LOVE Water in different ways

Winter is spent indulging in comfort foods and avoiding the crowded gym due to new years resolutions. Now it is obvious that working out will get your body in the best place, but students don’t always have the time to do that with busy class and work schedules. An easy way to get back on that health grind is finding water you love. Water can be your secret weapon in your quest to a summer bod and spring is the time to prep that. Whether it is sparkling water, flavored water or any other kind of water the more you drink it, the better you will look and feel. This goes for your skin too.

7. No more milk!

This is probably pretty hard for coffee drinkers to fathom, but milk happens to produce oils that do not benefit your skin and body. It can cause acne in some and make weight loss harder in others. Start by cutting back, but eventually it will benefit you best to say goodbye to it all together.

8. Bring on the colors

Colored food that is. Everyone knows the importance of a balanced diet, but in the spring is the best time to get amazing fruits and vegetables as we enter a new season. Look up the best seasonal fruits and check out a farmers market. Try to make your plate as multicolored as you can. Creating these healthy habits in spring will set you up for a healthy summer!

9. Take Vitamins

It is very hard for people to get all the nutrients they need to be as healthy as they can be. Since spring is a time to start a new and feel your best look into the vitamins you may be lacking and make it a daily goal to take them. Looking good on the outside requires change on the inside!

10. Find a new workout

There are many different workouts that people do that make them look forward to exercising. Not many people enjoy cardio so finding something you look forward to, makes for a much easier fitness transition. Now that the sun is out more you can openly explore new fitness trends that fit into your schedule. It could be as simple as tracking your daily steps and making a goal to reach more steps than the day before. Or you can go beyond that and join a beach Zumba class or find a hiking group on campus.

Photos courtesy of: Pexel.com