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10 Thoughts You Have When You Work Out for The First Time in a While

Getting back into a steady gym routine is never easy no matter how excited you are about it! A lot of people say the hardest part is fighting through the soreness and going back to the gym a second time but I think it’s safe to say taking that first proverbial step into Wooden or B-Fit is equally, if not more difficult!

1. I am fierce, I am strong, and I can do this!

Getting ready to go to the gym: YAAAAAAS I’m going to be healthy again! I can’t wait to slay at the gym!

2. Uuuhhh how does this machine work? I forgot.

When you finally find a free machine: ok firstly that took forever, no wonder I don’t come here! Secondly, how do I turn this thing on? Omg should I ask someone for help? No they’ll laugh at me! Urgh I don’t know anything!



10 minutes into your workout: wow I’m really out of breath! I need to stop now! Why did I think this was a good idea?


4. Ok, I think I got this, this is actually fun!

20 minutes into your workout: yeah look at me go! I’m amazing!


5. I really should do this more often, it’s so good for me.

30 minutes into your workout: I swear I’m already more toned. This exercise thing really works!


6. I’m tired again! This is sad, I’m really not as fit as I used to be :(

40 minutes into your workout: I miss the days I used to be able to do this without feeling like my body is trying to kill me! Those days are gone.


7. Urgh I wish I was a pro like those people over there.

50 minutes into your workout: oh wow they really know what they’re doing, I need to put more energy into this!


8. Ok I’m done, I can’t do this for any longer!

60 minutes into your workout: I’ve been at this for an hour now, that’s enough for me!


9. You know what, I’m really out of shape but I’m so happy I did this!

When you’re on your way home: I definitely couldn’t run for as long as I used to or lift as much as I used to but at least I got out of bed and tried! Yay me!


10.  I’m going to make this a regular thing because I am fierce, I am strong, and I can do this!

If I just wake up an hour earlier every two days, I could make this whole gym thing work. I am amazing so it shouldn’t be too hard!

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