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Why You NEED to Join Quotes As A Communications or Marketing Major

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

In my first three semesters of college, I think I switched my major at least five times before finally landing on the Advertising and Public Relations program at UCF. As I anxiously awaited the application process to even be accepted into the major, I looked for ways that I could give myself greater odds at getting into the program. After doing some digging, I had heard of Quotes a few times but was still unsure what the organization really did. I decided I would attend their welcome social and after attending that event, I felt more confident than ever in my odds of getting into the program (spoiler alert: I got in!). This is why I recommend Quotes to anyone in the fields of communication or media.

What is quotes?

Quotes is a student-run chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA). The chapter at UCF is of the largest student-run chapters in the state and focuses on developing future industry professionals in the field of communications. At UCF, they are responsible for hosting Intern Pursuit bi-annually. Intern Pursuit is the largest internship fair for communications and media in Central Florida! This is especially useful if you are in a major like Advertising and Public Relations at UCF which requires you to have at least one internship before graduation. Prior to the event, Quotes hosts resume workshops, guest speakers, and Intern Pursuit bootcamp to help prep students as much as possible. These events are open to any UCF students, regardless of whether you’re a member or non-member! In addition to Intern Pursuit related events, there are also several guest speakers and workshops held throughout the semester.

Who Can Join Quotes?

Quotes is open to any communication, media, or marketing majors at UCF. If your major doesn’t fall into those groups, you are still able to attend non-member events, like the Intern Pursuit prep events or guest speaker events. It should be noted however that Intern Pursuit itself caters to these majors only.

Why Should You Join Quotes?

Besides looking good on your resume, there are several benefits to joining Quotes. For starters, Quotes members get access to Intern Pursuit 30 minutes earlier than everyone else. This can be crucial time to give a first impression to the employers for the internships you want most. Quotes members also get an affiliate membership in FPRA. This also comes with publishing opportunities as members can write in both the Quotes monthly newsletter as well as FPRA’s newsletter, the PRoclaimer. Additionally, they get to tour local agencies a few times each semester. One more added benefit as an Ad/PR major at UCF is access to the Prep for PR Certifications restricted elective. The certification that you take after completing the course is a great feature to add to your resume.

What’s in it for you?

If you’re even remotely interested in the fields of communication, marketing, media or any related fields, Quotes is a great resource for professional development. From guest speakers, to workshops, and agency tours, Quotes is a great organization to get involved with to help you grow as a young professional.

If you are looking to get involved but don’t want to take on a board position, Quotes also has ambassador positions. These positions allow you to be more involved with Quotes to promote events, help out with larger events like Intern Pursuit, and do other things as needed. Being an ambassador would also allow you to write at least one blog post a semester and to write for Quotes Corner in the PRoclaimer.

Where Can I learn MOre?

By visiting the Quotes UCF website, you can learn more about who Quotes is, information on membership, the events calendar for the semester, and more. The Quotes website is also where the employer list for Intern Pursuit will be posted the day before the event. Additionally, the Quotes blog can be accessed from their website with blog posts on topics such as how to land an internship, reflections from their own internship experiences, and other industry-related topics.

Whether you choose to join Quotes or not, I would highly recommend attending at least one event. This organization has helped me feel empowered as a young professional in the field of advertising and public relations and I look forward to attending more events!

Kendall Finley is a senior at the University of Central Florida studying advertising and public relations. Kendall is currently interning at Toho Water Authority on the Communications Team. Kendall was a member of the Marching Knights for the '21 and '22 seasons and has also served on the Campus Activities Board for UCF. In her free time, Kendall is an avid plant mom and enjoys playing games with her friends.