Why We Should Stop Using the Term “Bikini Body”

With spring break less than two weeks away, I’ve noticed a lot of girls at UCF saying that they want a "bikini body." A quick Google search of the term bikini body will give you countless articles featuring workouts and diets to follow. There are videos all over YouTube about how to get a bikini body and a Google Image search of the words bikini body will show a thousand different women but only one body type.

The term bikini body perpetuates the idea that only one type of body is suitable for the viewing of the general public, and that all other body types should be hidden. It does not promote body confidence or positivity in any way. All it does is make women strive to look a certain way, that may or may not even be realistic for them to achieve.

Here’s the truth ladies: IF YOU HAVE A BODY, THEN YOU HAVE A BIKINI BODY. Your body was created to run and splash in the water and sit in the sand, not to be looked at and judged. Your body is yours and yours alone, and nobody has the right to judge it. Not the media, not other people, not even yourself. As long as you are healthy then you have a body to be proud of.

So here are the real steps to getting a bikini body:

How to get a bikini body

Step 1- Have a body.

Step 2- Put it in a bikini

Step 3- Have an awesome time