An Open Letter to My Co-Star

To the FBI agent behind my Co-Star account, 

Since I have downloaded you into my life, a few things have continued to happen and I am sure more will soon follow. I am instantly immersed in adding my friends and introducing them to you when all you've done is make me question my days based on if you're going to tell me ‘stay silent today’ (yes, my Co-Star did tell me this). Knowing this is supposed to make us more aware of ourselves and be present in the current life, how can I do so when you're hitting me with word riddles to describe the course of my day and possibly who I am? 

But also you're an app, someone made you for money and we fall for these kinds of situations every day — but me being the unpleasantly positive person I am when it comes to what is given to me in this weird world, I take it and run with it until I see it for what it is. At the same time, when you pop up on my phone around the same time, The Pattern rolls out of bed to basically tell me I am gonna die alone fat and ugly, I’ve learned to take both of you not very seriously. A flip of the finger and a swipe clear of you and I can easily ignore the insult you've landed before I have even had my coffee. 

However, when I find myself fresh from a long day at school and Twitter just isn't hitting the humor button as much as it usually does, I might scroll around and read deeper into what you have to say about the significance of my birth on my life, because why not? 

And other times, you say something that rings a bell in my head and makes me think deeper than I had before. To question is to grow from what I have learned with my small, but long, 20 years on this earth. The worst is when you tell me things about my future that I want (you know the dreams and plans I’ve laid out throughout my life). But the very best thing about you is when you tell me the things I never could expand my mind and you, like a lost love, leave me with something I didn't have before you. Maybe a little push to apply for more internships than I intended or maybe go home and chat with my roommates about how they're doing and what's going on in their day. May it be gullible or may it be hope. Either way though, it might bring the rain that we optimists need to learn to find the beauty of the twinkling drops. 

Thanks for the pain, let's see what tomorrow brings for us. 

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