Let's Talk About Burnout

I've always thought of myself as a hard-worker. That being said, I always jumped at any opportunity to better myself — whether it be staying on top of my schoolwork, joining organizations that were relevant to my interests and career paths, or taking any opportunity to make some money. I always wanted to better myself, even if that meant taking on a bunch of things at once, usually more than I could handle.

It wasn’t until about the end of January where I found myself in a funk and all of a sudden I couldn’t bring myself to accomplish even the simplest tasks. Even my most favorite tasks felt like a chore to me. This was bizarre to me because we weren’t even that deep into the school year, so my workload wasn’t even at its highest, but everything that I had to do became so tedious. Therefore, it made absolutely no sense to me why it was so difficult to get anything done.

a woman holds her hands over her face Photo by Anthony Tran from Unsplash

Burnout can be described as the mental and physical state of being worn out. It’s usually caused by stress building up over time, leading you to feel constantly tired and overwhelmed. Burnout was a term that I wasn’t really familiar with. However, I had started seeing a huge influx of people sharing their experiences with feeling burnt-out and suddenly everything was making sense — I was finally able to match my symptoms with the term.​

College students are simply just prone to this phenomenon. On average we take about five classes, and they’re usually not simple ones. On top of that, we try to juggle extracurriculars, internships, a part-time job and a social life. We're a ticking time bomb of stress, therefore it's no surprise that our body’s natural response to this high amount of stress is to shut down.

open books laid out Photo by Patrick Tomasso from Unsplash I'm still trying to overcome my battle with burnout — to be honest, it's not an easy one, especially when I'm a college student. My word of advice: learn to take time to yourself. I know sometimes we feel like that in order to become the best version of ourselves the only solution is to tackle as much as possible, but just know that spreading yourself out too thin can also be a recipe for disaster. Put yourself on a schedule for anything that's mandatory for you to complete and weigh in your pros and cons when adding new things to your plate. Most importantly, prioritize yourself — your mental health and well-being are incredibly important. You won't be able to succeed if you find yourself getting burnt out.