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I Tested Out Derma Drinkables to Give You an Honest Review

Derma Drinkables have taken social media by storm with astonishing before and after photos. For those of you who haven’t seen, Derma Drinkables is a company that sells an antioxidant acne drink which promises to completely clear all your breakouts. If you visit their website, they outline research to why their drinks are going to back up their promise. Yet, it’s hard not to be skeptical of something with only positive reviews. So, I wanted to give it an honest try and outline my journey to figure out if this new trend is really worth the cash.


To make sure my experience can lend a helping hand, it’s important to consider my skin type. I don’t have cystic acne or any intense breakouts but I do have bumps all along my forehead and cheeks. Therefore I would classify my skin as oily and acne prone. The products I’m using to additionally help my acne during this trial include Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser, Cerave PM Moisturizer, Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Toner and tretinoin cream 0.1%. I’ve been using these products for a decent amount of time with basically no results. With my comparison to the photos on Derma Drinkables website, I decided it should take somewhere around two to three weeks to completely clear my acne. I bought six packs which includes 48 bottles (with the helpful discount code: CLEAR 2019) which means I spent a whopping 112 dollars. I know, it’s super expensive, but let’s hope it’s worth it!


The first week I was excited. My face was clearing up and I didn’t get any new pimples all week, even after being on my period. My forehead, which is usually a problem area for me, completely smoothed out, including the little bumps. Unfortunately, I have a few more problem areas then I’d care to admit. Specifically, my cheeks were still scattered with pimples that didn’t seem reduced. Even the ones that were a darkish red color only became smaller, and they continued to stay red and very obvious without makeup.

After the second week, my results were basically the same. By the third week, my results hadn’t changed a bit and I was almost done with my drinks. All in all, I definitely saw a difference—but it didn’t solve my acne as it promised online. Any reduction is nice, but I don’t have enough acne for these drinks not to completely work after three weeks.

I was excited about my somewhat clear face and was taking many, many selfies… until the week after. My skin hasn’t been this bad since the beginning of the year when my face was breakout central. All the pimples that had once disappeared with Derma Drinkables came back and multiplied. It made me realize that Derma Drinkables is only for short term use—it’s not a long term solution. For my girls out there really struggling with skincare, don’t end up like me: $112 down and 12 pimples up.

What I Learned

We need to start taking skin care trends online with a grain of salt. Things are advertised online by celebrities and YouTube stars we love and trust, skewing our abilities to really tell if the results could be real. Although I love the many skin trends, like rubbing cold jade on our face and pouring glue and charcoal into our pores, I’m nervous all of these different routines are messing with the balance of our skin. After this experience, I’ve vowed to give the trends a rest, and I think you should too.

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Haley is from Boston, Massachusetts. Her hometown is where Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and Dorris Goodwin lived, so writing has always been a hobby of hers. She is currently a freshman at University of Central Florida majoring in biomedical sciences and minoring in creative writing. Her favorite things include butterflies, roses, watching movies, going to art museums, eating Mexican food, and being with friends. If you can't find her, always check The Mall at Millenia.
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