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We all know that a good journaling session heals the soul and mind, but when it comes to feeling down journaling can be the last thing we want to do. However, when we feel down it is probably the best time to pick up your favorite notebook and pretty pens and write down what is going on in your head. Here are some journaling ideas for when you’re feeling down.

Understand and validate your feelings

Write down whatever it is you are experiencing, with no judgments towards yourself. Write down what is stressing you out, what problems you are facing even the mistakes you made when trying something new. Whatever it is, I promise you it is not as silly as your mind is tricking you to think. To journal this one you can write out “validate my feelings” and give yourself some space on the page.


Shifting your mindset can be as simple as writing out the little things you can be grateful for despite everything. Reminding yourself of what you do have can be a great way to focus on what you already have and stop pondering on what you don’t have.

What can you improve?

It can be as easy as accomplishing one thing. Take a section to write out one thing you can do for yourself to feel better. Going out for a hot girl walk, watching your comfort movie, eating your comfort meal, talking to your family and friends. One goal for yourself that is easy to accomplish and attainable for the night.


To end out, write out whatever it is that is not working out and just write it as if it is already a trait you have. Some ideas can be:

  • It’s okay to slow down and rest.
  • I am resilient, and I will make it through.
  • I am so much more than my struggle.

I hope these journaling ideas can help make your bad day a little better!

Kaitlin is a sophmore at the University of Central Florida majoring in design. She's from Miami, Florida, and plans on graduating in 2024. She loves to read and make art. She's all about raising the vibes and creating positive outlooks on life.