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5 Ways to Survive and Thrive in February

As the aftershocks of the holiday season are beginning to wear off and January is coming to a close, we are preparing to enter the red-hearted gushiness of February. Now, if you love the red, mushy, madness of Valentine’s Day, do not worry, no one is taking a hit at Cupid. However, whether you have a red-hot date for the 14th or not, February can feel like an endless climb towards the promise of spring in March. How does a girl make it through? Fear not, Her Campus™ has you covered.

Here are five fantastic ways to survive February:

1. Treat Yo Self

Don’t be down in the dumps because of the 14th! If you are single, then treat yourself to some yummy candies, or take advantage of the sales and discounts that Valentine’s Day brings. For even more fun, be a valentine for a friend; buy one another chocolates, something cute, and watch a girl power movie! Not single? You can do this too! Have a romantic day with your honey, but don’t forget to have fun, and feel free to enjoy the 70% off candy sales too (we won’t judge).

2. Go All In

Not much is worse than fearing for your grades while trying to enjoy spring break. Rather than ending up in a sticky situation in March, get ahead in February. Take this month to really go all in on your classes and make the most of it. Go to tutoring, stay on top of homework assignments, and read ahead. You’ll thank yourself later!


3. Healthy Habits

Don’t let February pass by and go unused! Even if your January resolutions are not going as planned, use February to get back on track and get ready to look your best during spring break. Cut out junk food, or soda for the month to really boost the effects of your workouts too. After all, February is only 28 days!

4. Find Your Groove


Since October we have all been running around like crazy people. Halloween, Thanksgiving, finals, the holidays, New Years, and then back to school. February is finally the month where we can take a deep breath and get back to normal life. Get back in the groove of normal day to day life, adding in your new healthy habits and new focus on classes, you’ll be on top of things by March!


5. Maintain Momentum


The most important thing to do this February is to not get comfortable. Go out and explore, join a club, try out a new coffee place; whatever you do just don’t get lulled into complacency. With all the fun things coming up in spring, now is the time to be on your A-game. February can be whatever you make it out to be, so make it awesome!

Now that you have to tips and tricks to getting ahead and making February awesome, go out there and get started! With your confidence in hand and these five tips in your back pocket, you’re sure to make February an awesome starter for 2018.


Audrey is a Her Campus writer for University of Central Florida whom is majoring in Journalism. Along with writing, she loves to go on adventures with her Australian Shepherd, Miley, is a die-hard Steelers fan, a UCF Knight, and listens to all sorts of crazy music, volunteers at animal shelters, and loves to meet new people wherever she goes.
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