5 Acne Tips From Someone Still Figuring It Out

I've dealt with moderate acne for eight years now and have learned a lot along the way. I'm still figuring it out myself, but I'm going to share some advice that will get you feeling great in your own skin.

  1. 1. Be Your Skin's Personal Detective

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    With the variety of acne products and treatment methods out there, sometimes it's tempting to opt for a quick-fix for breakouts. While treatment is definitely part of the healing process, it's also important to be your skin's personal detective and develop an understanding of what might be causing your acne. It can be tricky to pinpoint an exact cause, and there may actually be many causes. My advice is to pay attention to any slight changes to your skin, both good and bad, and try to find a pattern. Does your skin worsen before your period, if you have one? Does getting a lot of sun make you break out more? Once you begin to figure out your skin's specific reactions, it can be a lot easier to make lifestyle changes and find treatment options that are right for you.

  2. 2. Consider a Diet Change

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    I find that my diet seems to have some correlation to my acne. I'm a vegetarian and have been for four years, but I admittedly didn't see any significant changes in my skin after cutting out meat. However, I've noticed that dairy seems to especially irritate my skin, and my main arch-nemesis is sugar (I'm still dealing with the aftermath of all of that Valentine's Day chocolate). On the contrary, when I get into the habit of drinking green tea every day, my skin seems to improve. Again, just pay attention to your skin's likes and dislikes, and adjust accordingly. 

  3. 3. Sometimes, Less is More

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    For years I had been using several different prescription face washes, but none of them seemed to do it for me. In fact, they occasionally seemed to further irritate my skin, drying it out and increasing my redness. Finally, I decided that something was obviously wrong, and I ditched the prescription face wash for a gentler daily cleanser and moisturizer. Confirming my suspicions, I actually began to see positive results pretty quickly. I think my skin is just too sensitive for some of the harsher chemicals out there. If your prescribed acne treatment works for you, that's awesome! Totally stick with it. If you're in the same boat I was, consider going back to the basics.

  4. 4. Change Your Pillowcases

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    Trust me. Just do it. Two to three times a week.

  5. 5. Remember, You are Not Your Acne

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    Over the course of my eight-year struggle with acne, I've reached some pretty low lows, confidence-wise. However, I've come a long way in overcoming my insecurities regarding my skin, and you'll get there eventually, too. It does take some time, but the best advice I can give is just to do whatever makes you feel the most confident. For me, wearing makeup helps a lot, but if you don't prefer that method, that's totally fine. Do whatever feels right, and remember that you truly are your own worst critic. I promise that when people look at you, they don't see your acne. They see you for your personality, your interests, and all of the other great things that make you, you.

Don't forget to be patient with yourself throughout this journey, and don't ever doubt your worth or your beauty because of acne. You'll get there eventually. And in the meantime, change your pillowcase!