3 Important Life Lessons Her Campus at UCF Has Taught Me

Ever since I joined Her Campus, I knew it would end up being a great decision. However, what I didn’t realize is just how much I would grow as a person. Being surrounded by so many amazing girl bosses and role models, you’re bound to be inspired to be your best self. Her Campus at UCF has helped me overcome my fears and truly become someone that I am proud of. Not only have I become a better writer, but I have learned lessons that I will take with me wherever I go!

  1. 1. Hard Work Is All That Separates You From Your Dreams

    It may sound super cheesy, but I've seen it happen first hand. It's so encouraging to see how all these amazing women can dream up a goal and then actually achieve it. I'm so inspired to think big because the team around me helps me to see how I can bring my ideas to fruition. Big ideas become realistic when you tackle them as small goals. These big goals may seem intimidating, but what I've learned is that if you are persistent, it will soon become a reality. By starting with the little tasks, you will be constantly motivated that you are doing something to reach your goal. 

    An idea is never too far from reality if you're willing to try and put in the time. HCUCF has inspired me to keep chasing my dreams because I know that I am capable of achieving them. I know I can do this because of how many great examples there are around me of women who have done the same. If they can do it, I'm sure I can!

  2. 2. Don't Fear Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone

    When I first came to college, I was quite shy and never really put myself out there. That all changed when I joined Her Campus. As I worked events and engaged with students on campus, I was able to break out of my shell. Through the encouragement of all the Her Campus girls, I was able to believe in myself and push past my fears. I would always get in my head by saying I couldn’t do something. After I got a little push from HCUCF, I soon became aware that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do.

    If something seems scary, do it! These experiences are what help you grow. I am now more comfortable talking with strangers and am more confident in myself! Her Campus at UCF has taught me that when you decide to step out from your comfort zone, you step into a whole new world of possibilities. 

  3. 3. Your Skills and Talents Are Valuable

    Personally, I always used to think that my talents weren't valuable and I never realized what harm I was doing to myself. I'm guilty of always downplaying my skills by saying “but everyone can do this." This would only undermine my accomplishments, making me feel as though I wasn’t special. This has been one of the biggest lessons that Her Campus has taught me. Your skills and talents are valuable, because no one can do them exactly as you can. Take pride in what you can do, and others will also realize how brilliant you are. When you realize your value, you will believe more in yourself, which will allow you to confidently work towards your dreams!

Her Campus at UCF has given me the best experiences of my college career. I've been blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful girl bosses who are positively inspiring. Looking back, HCUCF has allowed me to explore my talents and has given me a wonderful outlet for my creativity! I will always cherish the lessons and the wonderful memories that I have made through HCUCF, as well as the people that I have met.

Images: All images provided by the author.