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More often than not, we can find ourselves “stuck” in a cycle of unhealthy and damaging actions, like not eating balanced meals or neglecting personal hygiene. We put our own health and wellbeing on the back-burner in order to deal with work, school, or any prior commitments. It is important to remember that when we take care of ourselves, we are able to feel more energized and be more productive.

The smallest self-care action can have great effects on our psyche. Here’s a list of some activities that you can do to instantly feel better.

1. Have a glass of water at your workstation at all times, and drink water frequently. It is easy to forget about drinking water when you are sipping from a cup of coffee every morning.

2. Complete your skincare routine every day. We all feel rejuvenated after cleansing our faces and applying moisturizer. Apply moisturizer to your legs and arms as well!

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3. If you can, step outside for a bit and take a short walk. Even better, take a walk with a housemate, family member, or your pet. The company and fresh air will leave you feeling like a weight has been lifted off your chest.

4. If you are working from home, try and establish a routine during your day. Wear pajamas to bed and get dressed in the morning like you are going to physically attend a class or the office. Sometimes all you need is a nice outfit to make you feel better.

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5. For every hour of work, allot 5-10 minutes of free time for yourself. Spend some time with your animals, make your bed, or just step away from your work to take a few deep breaths. Doing so provides you with a mind reset and can help you feel less overwhelmed with your workload.

A good point to remember is that these tips are not designed to make you feel stressed out. If you skip your routine one day, or find yourself falling behind, it is okay. Some of these tips may not work for you, and that is okay too!

It is all about experimenting with what works for you and creating your own personalized schedule. Hopefully these tips will help you create a schedule that caters equally to your work and your well-being. 

Victoria is a mechanical engineering and communication double major at the University of California, Davis. She loves writing, playing video games, and painting in her free time. Her main goal is to live a creative and fulfilling life.
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