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Peter J. Shields is a big place with a lot of rooms that can often be daunting when trying to find your perfect study spot. Depending on your habits and assignments, the environment you want can change on a day-to-day basis. To decrease this stress, we have compiled a list of all the best areas of the library for each type of studying:

Social Studying

If you like the idea of studying, but don’t actually want to commit, the Main Reading Room should be the study destination for you. This room is usually full of side-conversations and bumping into friends. There’s often more noise here than in other study rooms, but each table is equipped with a enough outlets for each person seated so just plug in your headphones and get to work! As long as you don’t mind a little distraction, pull up a chair.

Group Studying

Whether you’re meeting up with a group or going to the library with a bunch of your friends, if you need a space where you can study, talk, eat, and not be worried about respecting silence, I suggest heading to the basement. Follow the steps in the lobby downstairs and in the main area there are plenty of large tables and outlets. This room is usually crowded with groups so be wary of how many seats you need and how focused you really need to be. That being said, don’t disrupt other studiers by being too loud. 


There are cubicles all over the library that you can use when you’re down to crunch time and still haven’t mastered your midterm topic. Find a quiet corner and block yourself out from the rest of the world.

Pulling an All-Nighter

The 24-hour room is the only place on campus open late enough to accommodate your procrastination. It may be a literal dungeon of studying, but if you need to work through the wee hours of the morning, this is your best bet. Bring a jacket, quiet snacks, and your best behavior. This room is meant for the hard-core studiers and noise will be noticed and disruptive to others.

In Between Class

If I’m on the go, I prefer to go to the Silo, the Coho, or onto the Quad. But if you’re a Peter J. Junkie, then I would suggest heading to the large room to the left when you enter the library where there are plenty of places to sit. This room is an easy and quick option that will keep you from climbing multiple floors looking for a study spot.

Everyday Studying

On the second and third floors, the back walls are lined with tables that are big enough for group studying, but also a great spot to spread out and get work done. The areas are quiet enough to focus but not so quiet that you will be self conscious if you need to have a quiet conversation. They are located behind the stacks of bookshelves, which creates the quintessential study environment.

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