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Never Been to the Library? No Problem!

Embarrassingly enough, before I started working at Shields Library this past fall, I had only ever been in the library once before (and it...

books on brown wooden shelf
How To Navigate a Research Library

Whether you are a freshman, a transfer student, or just someone who has avoided the library until this point, college libraries can seem...

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Shields Library Study Map

Peter J. Shields is a big place with a lot of rooms that can often be daunting when trying to find your perfect study spot. Depending on...

Shields Library during Midterms

Midterm season is upon us, and as quarter system students we know that this is going to continue until finals. Get some motivation by...

student carrying books and backpack
Students at Peter J. Shields Library

Week 8 is in full swing, with students still cramming for midterms and simultaneously preparing for finals. It is almost impossible to find...

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Good Luck on Midterms!

This photo was taken from the 3rd floor of Shields Library, in honor of midtems of course! Study hard, collegiettes!