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Relax and Unwind: Fall Edition

Relax and Unwind: Fall Edition

Sometimes you need a breather after a long stressful day. And with the cold days, sometimes it’s even harder to find the motivation to get through long hours of studying. So just in case you forgot to treat yourself, here are 5 ways to relax and unwind during the fall!

1. Rub-a-dub-dub!

Fill up your tub with warm water and toss in some essential oils or even a bath bomb from Lush. Lord of Misrule makes for a spicy herbal bathtime!

(Image courtesy of LUSH)

2. Tea time

Teas like chamomile are known for being soothing and helping you sleep better at night. To top it off, sip out of a cute mug! These ones are only $10.

(image courtesy of Anthropologie)

3. Get lit

Light a candle with a favorite scent. It fits the fall aesthetic and the scents could help you relax after a long day. A great cold weather candle is the DW Apple Honey Butter!

(Image courtesy of DW Home)

4. Namaste

Sometimes, you feel as if you’re in a studying rut and can’t learn anything else. A great tip is to get up and get moving. With the cold and wet autumn weather, it can sometimes be hard to go to the gym. Instead, try yoga! Taking even a 5 minute break for some downward dog and cat cow poses will help your blood circulate and ease the stress from studying. Check out some cute yoga mats like this one!

(Image courtesy of Gaiam)

5. Remind yourself that you’re human

Listen to a motivational song that you know can lift you up even if you’re feeling a bit blue! Marina and the Diamonds’s “I Am Not a Robot” is perfect for this situation. The lyrics remind you that it’s okay not to be perfect and that it’s natural to make mistakes!

(Image courtesy of Giphy)

Try these out or maybe find a different tip that will work for you. All that matters is that when things get too tough, you remember to be kind and treat yourself!

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