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This year has been rough for all of us, and while we were excited about everything getting back to normal, it can be super overwhelming to have in-person classes, work, routine meetings, and life resume after such a long period of inactivity. It’s super important to care for yourself throughout this busy process, and there are many ways to do so, even with a full schedule!

Wake Up Early To Have Some Me Time

Instead of taking your cup of coffee on the go, why don’t you wake up a few minutes earlier to have some time to reflect on your day? You can use this time to journal, read, or go for a walk. Building this time into your schedule before it starts to get hectic can offer an opportunity to enter the day with a clearer mind. 

Put On Your Favorite Show/Movie While Doing Chores

So you just came back from class, and your closet looks like it threw up every piece of clothing you own. I’ve been there more times than I’d like to admit. Instead of immediately trudging through your list of chores, start by putting on something good to watch as background noise and company. You could potentially catch up on your favorite show while doing your chores: a total two-for-one deal. 

Give Yourself Study Breaks 

Just because you can study for six hours straight doesn’t mean you should. While creating your study plan for the day, add some breaks in between each subject or assignment to give yourself time to stretch. Go on your phone, and have some time to breathe away from the academics. It’ll keep you focused in the long run, and you might work harder knowing that you’ll get a short rest once you’re done. 

Limit Work Every Night By Adding A Personal Deadline

It can feel like school and work-life bleeds into your personal life so much that you lose all your time for yourself. Try adding a cutoff point every night where you’re going to stop looking at school assignments and school/work-related items. It will give you something to work towards so that you can get your work done on time, and it might decrease any anxiety you’ll feel before bed. 

Set Boundaries 

Your schedule may be packed pretty tightly between a variety of different commitments, and finding space in between that is hard enough. Know yourself and your limits. Assess your workload before agreeing to take on any extra projects, and utilize your resources in times of need. It’s unrealistic to stay grinding 24/7, and you will burn out eventually. Taking some time out of your schedule to care for yourself will aid your productivity and benefit your mental and physical health. 

Destiny is a sophomore at UC Davis studying English. In her spare time, you can find her reading, blogging about books and disability, or rewatching nostalgic movies. Besides being able to recite every word to the Coraline movie, her greatest skill is being able to create a mess anywhere she goes.
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