Natural Healing with Essential Oils

Being a college student, I know that I often avoid going to the doctor because its simply just too much of a hassle. For many of us, we don’t even have a primary care doctor where we go to school. If you are REALLY sick, you should make sure you see a doctor. However, for things like the common cold that are just inconveniences, here are some essential oils that can really help clear up some of that before your next exam!


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Lavender is a great oil to use If you often suffer from stress, anxiety, or sleep disorders! Just mist a little lavender onto your pillow before bed, or put a few drops in your oil diffuser.


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Interestingly enough, lemon isn’t just great in tea when you’re sick; it actually has a lot of healing properties to contribute to your next study session. Lemon can be used to boost your focus and energy levels! In addition, it can also be used in combination with lavender to decrease anxiety. Simply apply to your skin, or inhale via diffuser or from the bottle.

Tea Tree Oil:

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Tea tree is helpful for relieving swelling as well as minimizing acne! It also possesses a wide variety of other healing properties, including dandruff and lice treatment. In order to use on acne just apply to the affected area and it should help to reduce infection as well as redness and swelling.


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If you want thicker more voluminous hair, rosemary is a great ingredient in homemade hair masks and treatments. In addition, it can also help aid brain function and memory so you’ll look great AND get great grades if you add just a little to your study routine.

Overall, I hope these tidbits help next time you’re in a pinch to get over any anxiety or ailments! Feel free to check out these remedies and some others at this website or this link.