My Tips on How to Reduce Napping Throughout the Day

We all have those days when we just feel tired, whether that's due to school work, a change in your routine, or anything in between. That’s where napping steps in to help you with your drowsiness and revive some of that energy in you to get through the day. Napping, however, can become problematic when it starts to conflict with your sleeping schedule or when you become so accustomed to sleeping during the day that it prevents you from finishing tasks that need to be completed in a specific time frame. Over time, I have learned that taking some of these measures helps me stay awake when I know I have a busy day ahead of me.

1. Drink Water

As simple as it sounds, keeping hydrated is key to keeping your mind wide awake and alert at all times. I avoid drinking sugary drinks on school days just because I know that too much sugar can cause me to feel sluggish throughout the day.

2. Avoid Laying Down or Getting Near Your Bed

I know, it seems almost like an impossible thing to do when our beds are sometimes the dearest thing to us, but trust me on this one. Doing homework, studying, or any assignment that requires concentration should be done on a desk or somewhere where there is adequate lighting and proper space in order for you to fully concentrate. I say this from experience, as doing homework or readings would usually end up with me falling asleep before even opening an assignment or book.

3. Stay Active

And by that, I do not mean go run and do a full workout. I simply mean that you should walk around or go get some fresh air whenever you feel the urge to take a nap. For me, moving around prevents me from getting drowsy during the day.

4. Take Super Short Naps If Needed

If nothing you do seems to keep you awake, then you could possibly take a nap under one condition: do not let your nap exceed more than 20 minutes. Naps that are over 20 minutes usually make you feel more prone to continue sleeping and are also more likely to make you feel tired when you wake up. Doing this also helped me to reduce the feeling of wanting to take a nap when I did not need to do so.

So there you go, collegiettes! Hopefully my tips will help you to stay wide awake, even when it seems impossible to do so.