It's the Little Things

Valentine’s Day, a day filled with love and rushed shopping, sweets and last-minute restaurant reservations. Some people love flashy and extravagant gifts to post on the 'gram, others prefer private candlelit dinners. Holidays like this can reflect how society expects everything to be grand and perfect, but loses the importance of the small acts and the kindness of others.

Materialistic things can be nice, but when they have a higher importance than human connections, they lose value. Being with the ones you love and those who genuinely care about you means a whole lot more than the materialistic things that aren’t meant to last forever.

Hands forming the shape of a heartMany people show their dismay when they don’t receive gifts during this time of the year, or complain that they will forever be alone. They fail to realize that Valentine’s Day can be spent in the company of friends, family, and loved ones. 

I am joyful to share time with friends who have shown me time and time again that their friendship is genuine. They have proven to me with small acts of kindness that I am worthy of love and that our bond is special. I am far from home and won’t be able to buy my family gifts, but despite that I can feel their love from miles away. In the little things like a phone call from my mom, an “I miss you” text from my sibling, or even a “I saw this and it reminded me of you” message, I am able to feel the care and love they have for me. 

Even if you do not have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, treat yourself! Buy some pizza, stay in for the night in your pajamas, and watch some Netflix. You deserve to treat yourself and pamper yourself on the day of love and friendship, too. 

This Valentine’s Day, appreciate what you have, who you have, and most importantly, see the kindness in others.

Love sign