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As the winter season is coming to an end, you are probably noticing all the summer bathing suits being displayed in stores now. Feel like you need to tone your body a little bit before the summer season hits? The ARC can be intimidating for someone who has never been, but here are some tips you can use to walk in and workout with confidence.  


1. Remember that everyone is there for one reason: to be/get fit.

Don’t worry about people judging you. You are probably over-thinking this in your head. No one actually cares that you’re there because they are there for the same reason you are.  

2. Blast uplifting music

Blasting your favorite song through your headphones will help you shut out your surrounding environment. It helps you get in your zone and forget that you have people around you.

3. Avoid peak hours

This will help if it is your first time going to the ARC because there are a lot less people during off hours. It will help you not feel so intimidated when working out. Avoid the ARC between 8 pm -10 pm on weekdays.

4. Have a workout plan beforehand

Having a plan beforehand allows you to go right into your workout the moment you get to the gym. This will help you avoid looking like a lost puppy.

5. Stop comparing your body to others

Everyone knows that working out isn’t about the looks, it’s about the journey you took to get to where you are today. Don’t expect results after one workout, you will probably stop after one week with that mindset. Remember that you are there to prove how strong and capable you are.


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