The Benefits of Realizing You Need Help

One of the hardest things to do as a human being is to stand up and tell someone that you simply cannot handle everything on your own anymore. A lot of times, we don’t stand up. We bottle it up till we’re at the top of the brim, totally at capacity. It can be intimidating to walk into a counseling center, such as the Student Health and Counseling Services Center, so that you can finally talk to someone, but here are the positive experiences that you can gain when you do go talk to a professional.

Firstly, you’ll never really have to wait to speak to a counselor. Thanks to the accessibility of our UC Davis center, there are walk-in services for crisis care needs. This is what I used after I sat through an entire lecture one morning with tears welling up in my eyes for no pinpointed reason. I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t figure it out on my own. I needed help to do that. And that’s completely fine.

Secondly, you can finally talk in an environment dictated by confidentiality and professionalism. Sure, you can tell your friends all about your woes, but they can’t diagnose you, and they can certainly perceive you differently based on the information you supply, possibly telling others by accident. Talking to a professional ensures that the shared information stays between the two of you, and they can give you useful advice on how to help yourself. For example, I took a test every time that I went in for a session so that my therapist could have statistics on me. Shockingly, I tested far higher for suicidal warning signs during my second week compared to my first. This was surprising to me because I had felt so much better my second week, but it was great because I knew to watch myself for the rest of the time being.

Thirdly, you gain bravery. I walked in scared of everything. I was scared to tell people I was upset with them, and I was scared to break off my toxic relationship. I was scared to go to events, and I was scared to skip them. I was a wreck. After my few sessions (which are free, by the way, and that’s amazing), I was able to break up with the person, I was able to tell people no, and I was able to find peace with who I am as an individual. I gained more than I had ever had in the department of bravery and toughness, and these features still follow me today.

Finally, you’re suddenly never alone. The counseling center has a 24-hour consultation line, so you can call whenever you start feeling unlike yourself again if you simply dial 530-752-2349.

To make an appointment for a counseling session, call 530-752-2349. The act of finding help can be scary, but it can also lead to you relocating your true self after she is buried underneath pounds of stress and fear. Free yourself!

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