8 Easy Ways to Glam Up Your Apartment

When I'm stressed I always find excuses to clean and decorate my room. A gorgeous, glamorous room is relaxing and makes it easier to study in peace. Why not take your nervous mid-quarter energy and use it to make your apartment feel a little closer to something out of a movie? Here are some easy ways to make college apartment dwelling less desperate and more diva-fied.

De-Clutter Everything

Glamorous stars don't live in boudoirs that have clothes on the floor, papers strewn across the desk, or sweaty tennis shoes peeking out from under the bed.So put on music that makes you want to dance, and as you purge your room of all ugly distractions, think to yourself “would this be in Marilyn Monroe's bedroom?”

Find Your Room Scent

Sure, it's important to find your signature scent, but what about a perfume for your room? Before you even think about decorations, find a relaxing scent to fill your living space to set the room's mood. Whether you like the musky scent of incense, a fresh floral room spray, or a spicy candle, finding a peaceful scent will make your room 10 times more enjoyable. My favorite scent is lavender; I love lavender room sprays, lavender sachets in drawers, and drops of lavender essential oil on my pillowcases to help me sleep at night.

Keep Chocolate in Your Nightstand

I can't believe this hasn't already occurred to you either. Keep a fancy chocolate bar or two hidden away for those times you really need them. A room with a couple of secret treats is just downright fabulous. A healthier and just-as-beautiful option could be to keep a colorful bowl of your favorite fruits on your desk or nightstand.

Candles, Candles, Candles

There's nothing more romantic than turning off the lights after setting many candles to flame. No matter what kind of day you've been through, this is a lovely way to unwind at the end of it. Just make sure you don't have sensitive fire alarms.

Create Sparkly Focal Points

String lights around mirrors, pin glass ornaments to the wall, and put your shiny perfume bottles out on your dresser to be admired. Buy a pair of delicate beaded slippers or shoes and place them somewhere out of the way where they can be seen.

Make Your Favorite Accessories into Art

Pick a few of your absolute favorite accessories and figure out how to artfully display them when they aren't in use. Pin iridescent necklaces to a cork board, neatly hang a couple of purses from the door, or accentuate your dresser with a silk scarf. Seeing your favorite things will make you happy, and will also remind you to wear them more often.

Throw a Soft Blanket on Your Bed

A soft and beautiful blanket will add a sense of richness and comfort to the most boring of beds. Extra credit if you can find a faux fur blanket for the ultimate touch of glamor.

Hang a Robe on Your Door

It's only natural to want to change into yoga pants after coming home from class, but what about changing into a soft cotton robe or a set of lounge wear? Making a pot of much-needed coffee or taking out the trash will take on a whole new meaning in a stylish robe and slippers.