5 Self-Care Tips for Your Job Search

More often than not, we start off our first official job search feeling hopeful. The possibility of finally working full time with your dream company, the thought of being financially independent, the places you could go and the ladders you could climb... our college dreams are finally coming alive!

Bachelor’s degree? Check!

Proficiency in Excel? Check!

Interest in helping X company solve its problems? Check!

...and you hear crickets.

After few weeks go by without a sign of moving forward, you start doubting your ability to do the job and start wondering if you’re not really as good as you think you are.

If you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out everything that went wrong with your resumé and application process, it's time for us to discuss ways you can take care of yourself during this grueling process in order to emerge as the strongest of the pack when D-Day comes.

  1. 1. Train yourself to be organized

    The Konmari method has inspired many to organize and make space in their wardrobes. Now it's time to Konmari your job search process, and of course, your physical space! How can you do this? First, you can try setting aside just ten minutes after lunch to put things on your desk away, pay bills online, and take out the trash. Besides being beneficial for your digestive health, a decluttered physical space leads to a clearer head space. Pamper yourself with a warm mug of matcha latte after you continue with your job search. Also, make sure to keep track of all of your progress in just one tab with Huntr so you don't have to frantically juggle multiple online applications!

  2. 2. Do something you've been meaning to

    Hector Quintanilla said it best: progress is addictive! It's natural for you to want to see signs of progress in the form of acceptance emails. However, you should try diverting your focus away from your job search and toward crossing off some adventures you've been wanting to get your hands dirty with. It could be training to become a barista, donating an old pile of clothes, or even something as trivial as mowing your lawn. When you make sure that you're taking care of your other responsibilities, chances are you'll feel more confident when tackling your next job search.

  3. 3. #NeverEatAlone

    The job search process can seem lonely at times. You might feel embarrassed to share the challenges you're facing with your circle of friends, or you might not know who's the best person you can consult with to put your best foot forward. This is why platforms and focus groups like LinkedInAlbert's List, and Subtle Asian Networking exist. They're all great resources to discover and learn about what problems others faced during their job search, interview, or acceptance process. They can also help with finding referrals and formatting resumés or cover letters!

  4. 4. Read for leisure and for business

    One thing that I've personally found helpful is to be in the know regarding what's happening with the company and industry that I'm interested in. It is imperative to demonstrate industry knowledge and show your eagerness to learn more about what you'll be working on. On top of that, this can help you frame some awesome questions to ask a hiring team at the end of your conversation.

  5. 5. Find a power pose that works for you

    Interviewing is a two-way street. The hiring team has to sell the company to you just as much as you have to sell yourself to the company. On the days when you don't feel too confident, however, just make sure to keep one thing in mind: open up your body language.