21 Words of Affirmation for Empowering YOU

Take a deep breath in. Now slowly, slowly let it out. Everything is going to be okay, I promise. The world may feel stressful, or scary, or too big to handle sometimes. And that is perfectly okay. This is something we all experience, and this is exactly what makes us human. You are doing the best job you can. Now, repeat these words of affirmation to yourself. Read them quietly. Or read them loudly. Or shout them from the highest roof tops. 

Her Campus Media Tell Yourself:

  1. Everything is going to be okay. 
  2. All of it is going to be okay. 
  3. The world works in my favor. 
  4. I am a cosmic being. 
  5. Energy flows through me. 
  6. I attract positive people into my life. 
  7. I am supported and loved by those around me. 
  8. Everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be. 
  9. I have gotten through difficult things before. 
  10. I have power over my destiny. 
  11. My future is strong and exciting. 
  12. I look forward to my future. 
  13. My current state prepares me for my future. 
  14. But the best thing I can do is stay in the present. 
  15. I like my present. 
  16. My present is good. 
  17. I am calm, strong, and responsible. 
  18. I can do anything I put my mind to. 
  19. I am so lucky to have the mind and body I have. 
  20. I am grateful for my mind and body. 
  21. I look forward to great success, calmness, and prosperity. 

Doesn’t that feel better? 

I got into words of affirmations in middle school. I had test anxiety, and I would repeat silent affirming words to myself before exams. It worked, and to this day I still repeat these mantras to help calm me down and find my center. I’ve used the Subliminator App as well, which has a series of affirming messages that you can play in the background while you’re working, or under music if you wish. I like the record-your-own feature as well, so that I can hear my affirmations in my own voice. 

To-do, list, paper, pen, journal Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters from Unsplash Words of affirmation are a way of reminding yourself of your strength, your identity, and your abilities. You already know all of these things, but sometimes you need to remind yourself once again. Best of luck, and happy affirming ;)