Spring Cleaning

As we’re wrapping up the hectic version of spring quarter, I realized now is the time to fully commit to being the best and healthiest version of myself. During spring break and up until week three, I started off strong but then began to become inconsistent. I wanted to become mentally, physically, and spiritually more at peace with myself. Balancing work, family, my boyfriend, clubs, and four classes online this quarter has been pretty wild from the start. However, now I’m trying each day to make the most of the current situation.


Obviously I feel like this spring has been a little different from previous ones. While at home, I used to feel as if my room wasn’t even really mine. Now though, I finally feel like I have my space reclaimed. Instead of my room being a storage unit to items that didn’t belong to me, my mom and I cleaned it out. I also finally threw away old clothes, papers, and pictures I didn’t need or want anymore.

This whole cleaning process happened in the middle of the quarter and ended in week seven. As we enter the end of the quarter, I feel as if this spring cleaning was what I needed to sprint to the end of the finish line.


I’ve now also started to do my skincare routine more consistently, got back into exercising, praying before bed, and drinking plenty of water. Some of my new goals to incorporate more into my week are reading, journaling, and going outside to water the plants every day.

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Besides physical things, I also feel as if my mind is cleaner. This quarter has been rough, full of sadness because of things being canceled, stressful adaptations, and looking back towards the past, but I’m accepting a more positive mindset to live in the now and make the most of what currently is. For example, I miss my boyfriend a lot, but as my boss told us: each day is a day closer to hugging someone.

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The quarter and the school year has almost reached its end, so we might as well make sure it ends well for our own standards. It’s all about what you can and can’t control, so make sure you control how your year ends for you.