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University life can feel rushed sometimes. The bustle of classes, clubs, private lives, and more can leave you feeling like you’re out of time. When you’ve got three homework assignments to complete, four emails to write, and five classes the next day, self-care seems like it’s gotta be cut from the to-do list for the day. However, self-care is a crucial part of staying healthy, in both body and mind. Here is a list of five self-care activities you can implement to make sure you’re on top of your wellness.

  1. Wake up at the same time every day, including weekends. Getting into a rhythm with your sleep schedule is one of the best things you can do for your sleep health. Consistency is important, but still shoot for those 8 hours!
  1. Reduce your alcohol consumption. The recommended weekly alcohol consumption for both men and women was reduced sharply following a recent study on alcohol and overall health. Check the U.S. Dietary Guidelines here.
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  1. Change up your space. Sometimes, a little change in scenery goes a long way. Maybe that means trying to do homework at a cafe or outside. Maybe that means reorganizing your bedroom. Either way, making your space(s) less monotonous helps you feel refreshed and keeps life from feeling like a loop.
  1. Honor your obsessions. Have a drink you love? A color that makes you feel inspired? A hobby that warms your soul? Engage with that obsession. If having a coconut water every day or making your entire wardrobe green makes you feel good, go for it! Just make sure in consuming goods and media that you’re not jeopardizing other parts of your health (I’m reminding myself in this moment that while I should allow myself to play Fae Farm during the week, I should not be playing until 4am).
  1. Keep in touch. Sometimes that “send message” button is scary. You want to reach out to your friend on the other side of the state, or country, or world, but you don’t want to bother them. I promise you that that friend is likely looking at the same little button. Pick up the phone, send a text or a DM, and let your friends and/or family know you’re thinking of them, or want to talk. A little chat goes a long way in improving your mood.

And there you have it, five little tips to keep you up and running during your university career. Try one out this week and see if it makes an impact on your life. If your self-care is more face-masks and bubble baths, that is also a perfectly good use of time. Just make sure to engage with health-related self care as well. If you could use some of that candles-and-tea-lattes self-care right now, check out this cute list.

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