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An Ode and Thank You Letter to the Earth

Earth Day of 2021 has passed and I wanted to demonstrate the admiration I have for the Earth and our Mother Nature through a thank you and love letter to it.

[bf_image id="gbrft3mzp7wp7ppvmgtph9rq"] Dear Planet Earth,

Thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do after all of these years. Because of you, I get to wake up every morning, breathe, hear the trees swaying slightly and feel the sunlight warm up my skin. And every night in the pitch black, I get to have a front-row seat to stare up and look at all of your lingering neighbors that are the stars and say goodnight to the moon that lives down the street from you. 

Although I am deeply terrified of your oceans and what lies in the waters, the mystery they hold still drags me in and keeps me curious for what is beyond the shores. You keep my secrets entrapped and lost in the breeze for only you and me to talk about. I get to see all seasons morph from one to another and see how you are capable of so much range. With every transformation, you’ve taught me that change is necessary and good in order for us to grow.  

[bf_image id="fzc83xbkfhkhxs26vmx55696"]

Mother Earth, you make me recognize what it means to live and how beautiful life truly is when it’s filled with so much care, love, and passion. Nothing could ever fully repay what you have done for me and others. You provide us with the basic necessities of life and yet, some still take it for granted. I will admit, at times I do too, but I quickly remind myself that you must be appreciated and protected at all costs because after all, we only have one of you. 

Dear planet Earth, I admire you so much that I am always writing about you and to you. To end this gratitude on a soft note, today I wrote this poem for you, yet not enough words could ever fit my entire gratitude in such a small piece:


“I walked out on the lawn today,

barefoot in silence,

my feet entangled in every 

inch of the grass,

and all I could think about was how my love for 

her was evermore,

and how even more beautiful it was

because you and I were in it”

[bf_image id="8tr9w68gn5nsn3bx8pvht9r9"] I have only spent 20 years living here, but I am yours forever.


Jasmine Aguirre

UC Riverside '21

Hi! I'm Jasmine (Jay) & I'm a 4th year Media & Cultural Studies major. I aspire to communicate through written word, in hopes that we can all learn something along the way & I love sharing all of my interests. I have a huge passion for anything music related, as I want to someday become a music journalist.
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