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If You’ve Never Tried Playing Tennis Here’s Why You Should

Motivation is something that's hard to come by when we’re stuck at home all day, but tennis is a low-impact sport that helps to stay active and engaged. Apart from being absolutely fun, it brings out a person's innate competitive nature, getting people scrambling and racing for one more point. Here are some notes on why you should try it out:

[bf_image id="q4zjk7-f5af7s-3lv6qv"] Social Distancing-Friendly Sport

Although a vaccine for COVID-19 has been open to the general public, keeping your distance is still the safe bet to get everything back up and running again. Tennis is one of the sports that people can play on their own and still have fun. Most tennis courts have opened up again, take a chance and go practice your rallying and serves! From personal experience, it's a little harder than it looks, but when you find the “sweet spot” and get the perfect hit you'll be urged to find it again and again. 

[bf_image id="q2wioz-cdl1mg-d4558e"] Beginner Friendly

Of course, you can play the sport against a friend in a one v one game of singles-- the loser picks up the balls?-- But you can also challenge anyone in your family in a game of two v two. If that person is a college student, a nine-year-old or seventy, relatively anyone can pick up the sport and do fairly well with a little practice. It's a great way to keep up with friends and family, while still having fun!

Health Benefits

Tennis, despite its low impact, can get really heated when there are two experienced players on the court. If you've seen any plays by Serena Williams, an American tennis player who revolutionized tennis with her power plays, then you'll know what I mean. Your flexibility, reaction time, and endurance are all tested. As an average, it has been calculated that an hour-long game of singles tennis burns around 600 calories for men and 420 calories for women. Aside from physicality, however, it can be helpful for your mental health because it not only gets you out and moving, it also demands you to think wholeheartedly and completely.

[bf_image id="pj9cscvgj3h92pj7tp3t8xb3"] Tennis Aesthetic

Who would I be if I didn't mention the sheer appeal of the tennis outfits? Tennis skirts are not only flattering and comfortable, but they're trendy and stylish! They come in numerous cuts and colors, and they're easy to play around with. Not to mention you get an excuse to wear visors. I even went as far as to custom embroidered my own visor to have a Bad Bunny figure on it. But also, cmon now, Tennis photoshoot anyone? I know we've all seen some version of them; that could be a fun idea to do as well.

The moral of the story is, consider giving tennis a chance. If you wanna take it seriously and play fervently against friends or mess around and completely miss shots but still have some cute pictures, you should do it. I know a lot of thrift stores are even packed with tennis rackets if you just wanted to try it for a day. Remember to stay hydrated and most importantly enjoy yourself!

Jay Telles

UC Riverside '22

Fourth-year English major with a love for social justice, fashion, and woman empowerment.
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