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How to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays

While Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas is around the corner, it is suggested that the holiday season can bring just more than family time and gifts. It can also bring weight gain. It’s normal to enjoy your time with loved ones and eat away, however, I’ve had my fair share with gaining a couple of pounds during the season. If you are someone who is going through the same situation, don’t worry, I got you. Although I am not a nutritionist, these are the things that have worked for me and helped keep my body toned.

Eating clean a week before Christmas dinner

This doesn’t have to be a crazy, hard-core diet. Eating nutritious meals at least a week before you pig out on the holidays will make you feel less guilty. I stay away from eating out because the food may contain unhealthy ingredients and unnecessary fat. If you’re one to hate cooking at home, there are somewhat healthier alternatives to choose from such as Chipotle, Poke, or salad. When eating at home, incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet will leave you feeling more energized and less bloated. Another thing I made sure to do was to drink lots of water. For those who have hydro flasks, try challenging yourself and drinking at least 2-3 bottles. You’ll be visiting the bathroom a lot, but you’ll thank me later! I felt slimmer and my skin was glowing from drinking more water throughout the day.

Staying active

Being active is one of the most important tips in avoiding weight gain. Although gyms are closed, I enjoy doing at home workouts to get my heart pumping and my fat shedding. There are many videos online showing what workouts you can do at home. Other than that, I like to take my dogs for a jog around my neighborhood and jump rope on my free time. I find that staying active not only helps me physically but mentally as well. The more I sweat and challenge myself, the more I feel cleansed and relieved. I love to workout and you should too! 

Practice mediation

In order to commit to working out and eating healthy meals, it is key to getting into the right mindset by meditating. Whether it is for 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, every effort counts. I used to hate meditating because I was always impatient and had my thoughts running around like crazy. With time and practice, I got better at focusing and relaxing. This also helped me become more motivated in working out because some days I felt like quitting. But, if you train your mind to become strong, it will pay off in what you put your body through.

Incorporating these three things into your routine is key to avoiding weight gain during the holidays. Once you sit down and enjoy the food and laughter, it is a reward. All of the hard work that you put into eating healthy and working out feels amazing because your mind is elevated and your physical appearance is more toned. 

Jenita Raksanoh

UC Riverside '21

Jenita is a Media and Cultural Studies major at the University of California, Riverside. She enjoys meal prepping, working out, having photoshoots and discovering trendy food spots. Her goal is to motivate women to become healthier and become the best version of themselves. Being a young woman in college has taught her not only academically but mentally as well, which is why she is driven to help others through Her Campus.
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