5 Ways to Stay Sane During Midterms

It’s week five of the quarter system, which means it’s just about time for the agony known as midterm season.  I know all too well the ridiculous antics it takes to prepare for midterms, and I believe it to be my duty to say to all of you caffeine addicts and library rats: Breathe. You will be fine. In-between all of your lecture note skimming, make sure to take a moment of sanity for yourself. Here are five easy ways to stay sane during the season of doom.

1. Breathe

Literally, take a moment to breathe. I know this seems silly, but taking a walk or practicing your internet yoga moves can really help you de-stress. Focusing on your breathing, even for just a few minutes, gives your body a moment to catch up with all that hard work your brain is doing.


2. Ditch the Coffee, Try Tea

I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah, right”. As a self-certified addict, I’ve tried and failed many times. But midterm season is a time of high stress for students, and drinking Chai or Green tea can give you the energy you need while actively de-stressing the body.  Even if just for midterms week, try switching out your coffee of choice for Chai and feel yourself de-stress.


3. Get Off Campus

Being in the library for hours or locking yourself in your room for lengthy study sessions can potentially make you associate those spaces with high stress. (I’m no expert, but I am a seasoned student. Trust me, I know these things.) My advice: Get the hell out of there! Go study downtown at one of those hipster coffee shops or try reading in the Botanical Gardens. Try to study in a space that has a calming energy rather than a stressful one and you might be able to get more work done.


4. Set a Bedtime and Wake Up Early

Please, for the love of Beyoncé, go to sleep! It’s proven that your brain works better when well rested, so close the computer, turn off your phone and hit the hay. Getting some studying done in the morning can set you up for a productive day. Napping is always great before a midterm as well, just make sure not to sleep through it!


5. Make a schedule, and Stick To It

Go from this:

To This:

I know some people work better without schedules, but I highly suggest picking study days during the week. You know how you work best and what subject you need the most help with. Setting specific times for each midterm study sesh will keep you focused and willing to finish studying within that period of time. That way, you won’t find yourself putting off your studying until the day-of.


I hope these tips helped. Let me know what you guys do to stay sane during finals week!

Until Next Time,