15 Minutes A Day Is all You Need


Daily exercise is key to good health! Regular exercise is a good easy way to reduce your chance of getting certain diseases such as  heart disease, development of diabetes, lower blood pressure, and reduce cholesterol. Exercise helps improve your mood and mental functions and keeping your joints and bones strong. Most importantly helping one to maintain a healthy weight.

Try this 15-minute workout regime for at least 5 days a week. During the week make sure you eat healthy, drink lots of water and sleep well! Do NOT let anything get in the way of you getting your 8 hours, or at least 7 hours, of sleep. You will thank yourself the next day.

This workout will be made up of only 5 workout exercise that should be 30 seconds each, a rest for 45 seconds and that completes one circuit. Repeat the whole circuit about three or five times until you reach the 15 minutes. Let’s Start!


  1. London Bridge

Start off in the plank position. Using your core, rotate your hips side to side towards the floor but not touching the floor. Must be slow in a continuous controlled motion. Remember to keep your legs straight.


(Photo Courtesy by Amy Eisinger)  


    2. Plank Knee to Chest

           This is the same position as a plank, the difference is that you bring your knees up to your chest. Start off with one knee and back down and then opposite leg brought up to the chest and back down.


(Photo Courtesy by Michele Foley)


     3.    Crunches

It is a regular sit up except instead of your feet on the floor, raise them up. Use your core to lift yourself up to your knees. If you want to feel a little more heat twist your core and move to a different side each time you raise your top half.

(Photo Courtesy by Marle)


    4.    Squat

           Stand with your feet about hip-width apart. When bending downwards it should resemble as if your sitting over an imaginary toilet, it should be at 90 degrees. Squeeze that gluteus on your way back up.

          (Photo Courtesy by 8fit Team)


   5.     Star Jump

           Using the same position as the squat with feet hip-width apart. Doing a half squat, then jumping straight up while spreading your arms and legs resembling a star. Then landing back on to your feet in the half squat position.


(Photo Courtesy by Sarah)


  Start the day off right with doing this simple exercise regime. Switch out an exercise to one that better fits you or add some more heat with extra exercises. Push Yourself! You Got This!! Be Positive!!!