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Fresher Tips: 6 Flexible Jobs Alongside Studying

As a student the money you get from your loan and even your parents may not stretch as far as you would like it to. Here are 6 flexible jobs which you can easily do alongside studying—trust me, I know as I have done some of them before!


 There are countless jobs in this industry, but waitressing and bartending are amongst the favourites by students. These roles are usually compatible with uni as the shifts are mostly weekends or at really convenient times like the evenings. Whilst working in this industry I have seen high profile celebrities from afar as well as close up. Rita Ora, Example and even Her Majesty the Queen are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head! Your pretty smile and charm will assist you in gaining tips far greater than the other kinds of industries mentioned in this article. Rumour has it somebody received a tip of £5000 from a prince from Dubai when working at an event at Royal Ascot.


Whether you are working at the Hanger on the UCL campus, Topshop in Oxford Street or Waitrose supermarket in King’s Cross, you are guaranteed to have exclusive access to the best employee discounts. Sometimes employee discounts can be applied even on top of sale items and student discount! Beware though, because all your friends will try to somehow benefit from your employee benefits as well.



English, maths, physics, history, politics, economics, philosophy, French and so on. These are just a handful of the academic subjects you can tutor people in. If you are more adventurous think about tutoring people in hobby areas, whether it be yoga, sculpturing or baking.



As long as you have a DSLR camera and know how to use it, this job may be perfect for you. Or should I say make it appear as if you know what you are doing, when in reality you will probably just be using the auto setting to make your life a bit easier! You will probably get paid £80-90 for a three-hour long job at some society ball or an independent club night. But this kind of job is just like catching gold dust – it is a lot rarer to find than the other jobs which are compatible with studying.

Student Ambassador

You will probably be giving tours around the UCL campus and even your hall, as well as answer questions related to studying at UCL at the opening days. A pro of this job is that you have first dibs on all the freebies once the open day is over with and sometimes even a free lunch alongside your wages. The following link provides more information about this job. https://www.ucl.ac.uk/widening-participation/


From singing to Disney songs from all the fairy tale films to playing with Legos and baking chocolate chip cookies, you will literally get paid to relive all your favourite childhood activities. The hours are usually very compatible with university, such as babysitting on the weekends as well as in the evenings. Also, once the children are asleep, you will get some quiet time to yourself to watch Netflix, call a friend and even write your essay. 

Check out https://www.stint.co/ for some off campus flexible temporary and casual part time opportunities in the areas of hospitality and retail. Stint Representative during Freshers Fair were telling students that the great thing about working with them is that you never have to wait long for pay day… Why? Because with Stint you will be paid the day after your shift!


UCL also advertises a variety of student jobs which are compatible with students, have a look at http://studentsunionucl.org/jobshop. Compared to Stint the UCL’s Job Shop will provide a larger number of areas of work which go beyond just hospitality and retail, such as tutoring and babysitting. UCL’s Job Shop is one of the number one place to have a look for the jobs available at the UCL campus. 


You now know 6 flexible jobs which you can easily do alongside studying and some places to look for them. There should be no more complaining about the fact the money you get from your loan and perhaps even your parents not stretching that far.

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