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Way to Fitness #3: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Shoes: more important than you can imagine. They help your body, especially your feet, take the impact of running, jumping, and even adding weight to your body when doing weights. Running shoes should be changed approximately every three to six months, depending on how much you use them. For me, it’s around five to six months, and I recently bought running shoes with memory foam. What’s important is not buying expensive brands, which can be more than $70 per pair, but knowing that your feet are comfortable and that the shoes can withstand any impact from your exercises. Don’t be afraid of jumping and walking around when trying them on at the store! Share your running shoes and/or tips to choosing running shoes with us by using the hashtag #WayToFitness and #WTF.

Yoselin Gutierrez is a 21 year old, 4th year student majoring in English at UC Irvine. Gutierrez has an interest in Japan, human rights, government, and politics and has had experience in the field by interning in Washington D.C. for a semester and attending a public policy and international affairs fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University. As of recently, Gutierrez is a Marketing intern in Irvine and is seeing into combining her interests of writing, human rights/feminism, and marketing into her Her Campus-UCI posts, hoping to empower women of all backgrounds.
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