Easy Ways to Destress Before Finals Week

Going into Finals Week, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the projects, papers and exams. Sometimes, it seems like the work piles on, and with each assignment comes another layer of stress and anxiety. Trust me, I’ve been through it, and managed to survive. Although there’s no way to avoid the work, I’ve learned a couple tips to relieve the stress that comes along with it.

1. Coach yourself through it. Take care a deep breath and let it out. Take a step back from all the madness and remind yourself that the stress is temporary. Sometimes you must be your own cheerleader and remember that you will get through it.

2. It might not be the best idea to load up on sugary boba milk tea, coffee and chips before sitting down to study. Fuel your body with plenty of water and healthy meals.

3. Go outside and get some sunshine. Whether it’s a morning hike or walk to campus, going outside to stretch and soak in the sunshine is a great way to relax.

4. Plan out your schedule. As much as we would like to repress any memory associated with final exams, there’s nothing we can do to make them disappear. Instead, confront the stress and write down what needs to be done leading up to the due date. Set incremental, realistic goals.

5. Talk to a friend or find a support system. If you’re feeling stressed, it might be helpful to talk about it. Share what you’re going through with people you can trust and will listen.

With these tips in mind, I hope you find a way to destress and get through the quarter.