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The Lalagirl In Hat Taking A Photo
The Lalagirl In Hat Taking A Photo
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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

I love to be surrounded by nature, and capturing moments of tranquility such as a quiet forest, calm ocean, or dog running after a toy in the park helps distract me from the near- constant stream of uneasiness going on inside my head.

After looking at one photograph in particular of a sunset in Yosemite, I realized what it is about photography that causes my anxiety to lessen. 

As I’m preparing to take a picture of the sunset, I pause for a moment and take in the surroundings — trees, odd cloud shapes, and the various colors of the sky. I’m drawn into the beauty and serenity of the natural environment which takes my mind off of any stress that builds up during the day. A sense of calmness is what I seek to remember; these are the moments I desire to capture the most. 

“A sense of calmness is what I seek to remember.”

Eloise Krause

When I take the picture, there is a split second of stillness as the camera shutters. I strive to emanate this same sense of peace in my everyday life; it’s simply a moment where the thoughts in my mind begin to lull and I don’t feel any pressure. This lack of pressure is another reason I enjoy photography. When I’m taking a picture, I know that there’s no one counting on me to have it look a certain way or be done at a particular time. The photo is only for me to enjoy, although the process of taking it is often more valuable than the end result. 

Through the process of photographing nature, I have learned a productive way to handle my anxiety and prevent it from controlling me. This method allows me to feel free from life’s external and internal pressures.

Eloise Krause

UC Berkeley '26

Eloise is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in English. She enjoys writing lifestyle pieces as well as listicles. In her free time she enjoys reading, baking, getting coffee, and hiking.