The Power of Compassion

In the wake of mass shootings, a heated political climate, and various technological and social advancements, sometimes our world can seem overwhelming, stressful and confusing. However, it is important to remember that in spite of all of these external factors, we can help tackle these large issues with small acts of compassion--moving our world towards empathy and unity one step at a time. So, how can you start spreading compassion today?

Related imageGive a Voice to the Voiceless

Sometimes it can be easy to become a bystander to injustice. Whether it is because you feel that getting involved may worsen the situation or that you fear what others’ reactions may be if you stand up for the victim, it may be tempting to simply watch when things are going wrong. If you see someone being put down, harassed, or manipulated by toxic individuals, try to take action. If you feel unsafe raising your voice in that situation, try to contact someone in a position of authority, or even the police, to help address the situation. Conquering the fear of speaking up when witnessing injustice can help alleviate the issues at the heart of our society and promote a safer world for everyone.

Image result for conversationAvoid Forming Stereotypes

First impressions can be lasting, but although we sometimes can’t help but form certain subconscious judgements, make sure to question and challenge those judgements to see whether they are rooted in facts, or simply by biases. Questioning our judgements of other individuals can cause us to possibly see other perspectives and avoid conflict.

Image result for compassionSpread a Compliment (Genuinely!)

Do you ever just realize how happy you are around a certain friend? Or even if you are having the worst of days, is there a certain special someone that makes you see the best in the worst of situations? Well then, tell them how much you appreciate them! Giving genuine compliments will help strengthen the bond you share with your friends and loved ones, and is an easy way to spread compassion.

Here’s to creating a more compassionate 2019!