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Whether you’ve experienced a relationship slowly transition from a burning flame to an extinguished fire, or witnessed someone you know experience the fiasco of an expired relationship, heartbreak is an inevitable event that is inescapable to even the most disgruntled at heart. Here are a few tips for surviving heartbreak:

  1. Let It All Out

Cry your heart out under a pile of blankets and hide away from the world for as long as you need to. Call up a friend and vent until your eyes are no longer overpouring with tears. Put on some comfy sweats, turn on a reliable breakup movie like Someone Great or Legally Blonde and whip out some Ben and Jerry’s. Most importantly, make a breakup playlist that isn’t sad and self-loathing, but instead upbeat and which consists of female artists preaching self-love to remind you of your self-worth, value, and unbreakable strength.

  1. Get Yourself a Box

Put everything you and the person responsible for your heartbreak ever exchanged, used, looked at, and breathed on into a box. If it reminds you of them and you start spiraling into a plethora of emotions and bittersweet flashbacks, then into the box it goes! Seal that bad boy up and store it away deep into the boroughs of your closet or somewhere else out of sight. Not only is it an immediate way to physically clear your head of them, but it’s also a way to preserve precious mementos from your relationship that you can reminiscence over later down the line, or get rid of once you’re ready.

  1. Distract Yourself

Throw yourself into a hobby and revitalize your joy for ceramic making. Try something new that you’ve never gotten around to before, like learning how to skate. Dedicate your newfound free time that you would’ve spent fawning over them or spending with them in your studies. After all, the grind never stops and the libraries stay open even after you wake up from your post-lunch cat nap. Exert all of your pent-up emotions into workouts at the gym and see your feelings of anger, betrayal, and sadness transform your body into a fitter you, which will improve your confidence.

  1. Go Out with Friends and Family

Can no longer rely on them for love and affection? Well, it’s time to scroll through your contact list and check on social media so that you can hit up the family and friends that you stopped prioritizing during the duration of your relationship. After you’re done rotting under your covers and foregoing showers, allow yourself to dress up and go out for a fun date with those you can count on to support and cheer you up. It’s pivotal to tap into your support system, even if it’s been a while, to remind yourself that romantic love is not the only kind of love there is out there.

  1. Move Forward

Work on yourself. Pick up healthy habits that will benefit you and implement them into your routine so that you can begin to nourish a relationship with yourself. Start meal prepping so that you never go hungry and don’t have to scramble for fast food options when you’re on the go. Look into starting a skin routine or practicing meditation, but whatever you do, don’t hurry to find a new lover. Allow yourself time to heal so that when the time comes, you will be ready to open your heart up to someone who will make you forget about the heartbreak you experienced.

Rebekah Sim

UC Berkeley '22

Rebekah Sim is a fourth-year at UC Berkeley pursuing a major in English and a minor in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies. The Los Angeles transplant likes to spend her time trying out new restaurants and traveling.
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