Changing Your Daily Routine May Give You Dopamine

A recent research study has shown that there is a strong connection between our daily experiences and our sense of well-being. It implied that a diversity in our daily experiences and environment is correlated with an increase in positive mental states, which suggests that changing your daily routine may significantly increase your happiness! This seems very promising, especially in the world’s current state of isolation. To encourage you to switch up your routine, I came up with some fun and simple changes you can test for yourself. Why not switch up your routine and try something new and exciting, especially when it could make you even happier in the process? 

woman holding a smiling balloon

#1: Instead of looking at your device when you wake up in the morning, go on a morning walk or drive. Walking in the morning allows you to get in some exercise for the day early on, and you’ll feel more energized and accomplished for the rest of your day! Alternatively, if you can drive, go somewhere you’ve never visited, like a new coffee shop or park. I personally love trying a new restaurant or boba tea shop every time I go out, because I love the excitement associated with going somewhere new. Try this out, and get a refreshing start to your day! 

#2: Ditch your daily morning cup of coffee for a matcha latte. Try a new breakfast recipe or morning pick-me-up. Maybe you’ll like it even better than your old, reliable one. Even if you don’t, just switching it up might make you happier. 

dark cafe desk with phone, matcha latte, and book.

#3: Rearrange your room. Personally, I’ve done this twice during quarantine. Moving my bed to the other side of the room just fills me with a sense of satisfaction and contentment like nothing else. It’s free happy brain chemicals! 

#4: Change up your style. Go for that bold new eyeshadow look you’ve been thinking about or those platform shoes. Come on, I know you really want to.

#5: Reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe you’ll rekindle your friendship with them. 

#6: Go through your clothes and donate everything you haven’t worn this year. 

#7: Make a bucket list and do something from it every few days or weeks. 

To-do, list, paper, pen, journal

#8: Eat “breakfast foods” for dinner and “dinner foods" for breakfast. 

#9: Eat with your non-dominant hand. 

#10: Dress up for a Zoom meeting. 

#11: Pick out your outfit the night beforehand. You know, like you did on the first day of middle school. 

Regardless of what you do, I encourage you to change up your daily routine. It may not seem like much at first glance, but it’s scientifically proven to make you happier. You might just discover a new talent, make a new-old best friend, or find a new favorite restaurant!