Meet Our New Social Media Team!

Muskaan Nagi and Ria Gupta will be joining the UBC Her Campus team in September 2018 as our new social media directors. To get to know them a little better, we asked them a few questions:

Muskaan Nagi 

Ria Gupta


Muskaan Nagi: New Delhi, India                   

Ria Gupta: Hyderabad, India 


MN: Second

RG: First


MN: Sociology 

RG: Pyscology

Favourite place on campus: 

MN: Nitobe Garden 

RG: Cecil Green Park Road/Rose Garden 

How you chose your major: 

MN: Through a combination of a newly developed interest in Crime, nature of societies, and my amazing Professor Corigall-Brown.

RG: I am really passionate about mental health and I think it is about time that people start prioritizing it too. Psychology, in my opinion, is a perfect platform to gain an insight into people’s minds.

How you chose UBC: 

MN: Based on the diverse student culture and an interdisciplinary environment to learn in.

RG: I like the fact that other than the obvious beauty, UBC feels like a place that wants you to not only study but also develop your personality as opposed to other schools that train you to be robots.

Why you decided to join Her Campus: 

MN: To make a positive impact on the UBC community.

RG: Because women supporting other women is the best thing in the world.

Current song you can't stop listening to: 

MN: "Lady Bitterness" by Broken Back

RG: "Work From Home" by Fifth Harmony is my all time fav

Next place you want to travel to: 

MN: The Netherlands 

RG: Greece 

First word that comes to mind when you hear "Vancouver":

MN: Raincouver 

RG: Rain 

Go-to outfit for class: 

MN: A hoodie, black leggings and sneakers 

RG: White top, denim jeans and a black leather jacket

What you're most looking forward to this Summer: 

MN: Visiting Kelowna 

RG: Sleep and swimming

TV/Literary character you most identify with: 

MN: Monica Geller

RG: Rachel Green 

Favourite memory at UBC: 

MN: Singing on ‘Share It’ (UBC Jumpstart 2016)

RG: Meeting Dwayne Johnson

Quote you guide your life by: 

MN: "You can’t soar like an eagle, when you surround yourself with turkeys."

RG: "Be yourself."