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Meet Our New Campus Correspondents!

Her Campus UBC is extremely proud and excited to be having Eunseo Emma Kim and Andrea Atanacio as our new Co-Campus Correspondents beginning in the Fall of 2018! To get to know them a little better, we asked a questions: 

Andrea Atanacio

Eunseo Emma Kim


Emma Kim: London, Ontario 

Andrea Atanacio: San Salvador, El Salvador 


EK: Third

AA: Second


EK: Sociology with a minor in Environmental Studies 

AA: Commerce – Human Resources & Business Technology Management

Favourite place on campus: 

EK: That area just before the rose garden where you can look out at the rose garden as well as the mountains and ocean.

AA: The village or the rose garden. 

How you chose your major: 

EK: I’ve always had an interest in sociology from high school and took SOCI 100B and thought it’d be fun to learn more about it!

AA: I love the integration of people and technology. People are the most important component of information systems, it is necessary to understand how to manage people to be able to manage technology.

How you chose UBC: 

EK: I lived in BC when I was younger and I always wanted to come back one day. 

AA: I heard about UBC and its beautiful campus and location. I was lucky enough to receive the ILOT award which allowed me to pursue my studies here. 

Favourite class you’ve taken: 

EK: I would have to say SOCI 310 because the topics were interesting and the professor was amazing! (shout-out to professor Nicole Malette)

AA: Italian 101 or French 101 – because they are the only classes I take outside Henry Angus. I liked both teachers a lot, unfortunately, they have both left UBC. It was always an interactive and a meaningful learning experience.

Least favourite class you’ve taken: 

EK: There’s way too many to choose from but probably Spanish 101…El profesor no era bueno…

AA: I have many but I would have to say Comm291 (AKA STATS). There was so much content to learn in limited time. 

Why you decided to join Her Campus: 

EK: I joined in my third year because I started gaining a large interest in writing and online publishing and thought that joining Her Campus would be great experience for me as a writer. 

AA: I signed up for the emails in first year but I never dared to go to a meeting. At the start of second year, I was still getting emails from Avery so I went to one meeting and I have been part of the team since then. 

Current song you can’t stop listening to: 

EK: “Who You Say I am” by Hillsong Worship 

AA: “Delicate” by Taylor Swift 

Next place you want to travel to: 

EK: I would love to travel to Europe, especially Spain! 

AA: Hawaii – It has always been my dream to go there. 

First word that comes to mind when you hear the word “Vancouver”: 

EK: Clean air

AA: Rain, slow transit, and black squirrels 

Go-to outfit for class: 

EK: Black hoodie, black leggings, black jacket, Reebok classics (I have a lot of black in my wardrobe…) 

AA: Yoga pants, nice shirt, tennis and a warm coat. 

What you’re most looking forward to this Summer: 

EK: Eating good food and doing everything I didn’t have the time to do during the school year.

AA: I am going back to my country to visit my family for some weeks! I am also excited to appreciate the sun finally coming to Vancouver. Looking forward to working as a Jump Start Leader, take two courses and have fun. 

TV/Literary character you most identify with: 

EK: I would say I’m a mixture of April and Andy from Parks and Recreation

AA: Hermione Granger 

Goals for this Summer: 

EK: Getting my drivers license, saving up money, and taking up a new hobby.

AA: I have many things I want to work on – go to the gym at least 3 times a week, keep up with readings and learn how to cook better!

Quote you guide your life by: 

EK: “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.” – Jeremiah 17:7 

AA: “Look for something positive in each day. Even if some days you have to look a little harder.”


Samantha is a third year UBC student majoring in Political Science. Samantha loves any kind of tea, drawing, reading, and traveling to new places. Her favourite thing to do is play with animals and write stories. One day, she hopes to have traveled to every continent.
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